Food, glorious food

4 06 2007

After living in Belgium and surviving almost entirely on fast food, Jeff and I made huge changes to our eating habits. Upon returning to the States, we indulged in a few of our favorites (Valerio’s. Taki’s. Papa John’s. Mmm.) one last time before wiping the fast food off of our menu nearly 100%. Every once in a while, we’ll grab some Taco Bell or Wendy’s, and Papa John certainly knows our address. But compared to the past, we’ve definitely been eating much healthier, home-cooked meals on a very regular basis.

Unfortunately a few days ago I decided that I couldn’t make it through the weekend if I didn’t have Burger King for breakfast. I had fond memories from years and years ago of warm, sweet French Toast sticks, crispy hash browns, and those little cinnamon rolls that come with lots of icing. I informed Jeff that come Saturday morning, we’d be dining out first class at BK.

Fast forward to 9:30am, we’re back at home, and we’ve just finished our feast. I felt, to say the least, dirty. Dirty, and clogged, and gross, and sick. The warm, sweet French Toast sticks were warm, yes, but soggy and greasy, too. The crispy hash browns were 97% mystery grease cooked to a crisp surrounding a pea-sized amount of may have been potato, but could just as easily have been a crumpled-up napkin. And the cinnamon rolls were dry and overdone. Ugh. All day I felt a need to flush my body with lots and lots of water to rid my system of the buckets of grease. I feel nauseous just thinking about that feeling now. It amazes me to think that my diet once consisted almost solely of that kind of garbage.

I must still have been feeling the effects of that awful breakfast today because I just wasn’t feeling well all afternoon and evening. By dinnertime, the only thing I thought I could stomach was my old standby and pregnancy favorite, mashed potato. So while I ate that, Jeff and Ethan had chicken taquitos and cous cous. Ethan is a very capable self feeder now, and when his taquito was cool enough, Jeff put some sour cream on his plate and showed him how to dip his taquito into it. Unfortunately for my upset stomach, Ethan had other ideas…

I watched with horror as my son ate first spoonfuls (albeit, tiny ones) of straight sour cream, then realized he was wasting his time with the spoon and went right to dipping his hands into it and licking it off his fingers. He finished the meal with a sour cream facial.

And I, ladies and gentlemen, after witnessing Ethan eat his way through a tub of sour cream, will never be able to eat another bite of ANYTHING as long as I live, ever again.

It’s okay, though- I’m fairly certain that the baby will have no problem living off the fat my body stored from yesterday’s breakfast for the next 6 months.



4 responses

5 06 2007

i would like to go on the record as saying “no, burger king is gross. let’s go eat somewhere else.”

…although my suggested alternative was mcdonalds.

5 06 2007
ethans oma

mmmm….potato buds. haven’t had those in a long time.

6 06 2007

Jeff- do you really want that on the record? Because now the record shows that you are, in fact, ridiculous.

Ethan’s Oma- I think Jeff would like to thank you for the way you taught me to eat potato buds- soupy. It disgusts him to no end. And I learned it from you. 🙂

6 06 2007
ethans oma

You’re welcome !!!

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