A few random notes on pregnancy

30 05 2007

*I (actually, I should probably say Jeff, not I, because honestly, I wasn’t bothered in the least- it was my husband who actually had to wake up to It in the middle of the night and leave the room, he was the one who suffered the most) was plagued with the foulest-smelling gas throughout my first pregnancy. And I would be lying if I said that I’ve released nothing but roses this time around. While flipping through the standard issue, purple “Pregnancy and Childbirth” book the military hands out, I came across this little gem of advice:

Listed as a “common discomfort of pregnancy,” here are the suggestions as to what you can do to help with the problem of flatulence: avoid gassy foods (duh), increase bulk and water to diet (I’m already CONSTANTLY drinking water throughout the day, I couldn’t possibly fit any more into me), increase exercise (well… no thank you), and try to schedule my daily bowel movement.

What? How does one schedule their daily bowel movement, exactly? If I pencil it in for first thing in the morning, then just like magic, that’s when I’ll find it ready to go? I know that pregnancy brings with it some weird bodily changes, but I wasn’t aware that it bestowed upon a woman the superpower to poop when she so chooses. I thought that was just one of those things left up to nature? Apparently, I was wrong. And also, apparently pooping at 8am each morning will result in no gas, and a better night’s sleep for my husband. Huh. Who knew?

*Shortly after learning that I was pregnant, when I had finally allowed myself to start getting exciting about it, I signed up for weekly updates from babycenter.com (“Your baby at 8 weeks is now developing fingernails, but the skin is still transparent” and such- because I like numbers and I like knowing that this week my baby measures approximately 1 inch in length). They’ve apparently jumped the gun a bit, because today’s e-mail update gave me instructions and a how-to video on bathing a newborn. A bit early for that, isn’t it? My baby is a few days shy of 12 weeks of residence in the womb. They must equate the science of bathing such a fragile little thing to taking a final exam that I need to start studying for 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE or something. Better go start making some flashcards…

*This just occured to me: I was pregnant with Ethan from September to June. I’ll be pregnant this time from March to December. With Ethan, my most gigundo months were warm-weathered. With this one, my biggest months will be chilly. So what, you ask? SO, I’ll need to buy more maternity clothes. Last pregnancy, I excused each new turtlenecky-pants purchase to Jeff with the promise that I’d wear them again next time. Now I have gone and made a liar of myself. Yay, shopping! Boo, hiss, money.

*Oh, how incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful I thought Ethan was the first time I saw him. I look back at those pictures now and I wonder if, at 4 weeks postpartum, it could be at all possible that my epidural had not yet worn off…




2 responses

30 05 2007
ethans oma

Those bathing instructions would have come in handy last time around. Remember his first bath ?

6 06 2007

Now what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t remember my son’s first bath?!? 😛

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