Accidentally MIA

27 05 2007

So I accidentally took a week off from blogging. This was not a planned vacation; rather, it was begun simply due to the fact that for days and days we were without power, and forced to live as the cavemen must have (you know, sweating when it was hot because the air conditioning didn’t work, going out to eat for every meal because the oven wasn’t an option and we were told NOT to open our refrigerator if there was to be any hope of saving any of the food, drawing stick figures on the walls that tell stories to keep entertained, carrying my club around with me everywhere, because you never know who you’ll meet in the pitch dark…). It was awful.

In reality, it was only two days, not days and days. Just… days. But still. It was rough. I’m not cut out for that kind of living. I don’t like taking showers in the complete blackness. I like being able to do a load of laundry if I’m need of clean underwear. And I like that I can switch on PBS in the morning for Ethan- those few minutes I get to wake up and make breakfast are nice, darnit.

And no, we didn’t have any major (or even minor) storms or ferociously powerful winds or any other kind of reason for the power outage. We still don’t even know for sure what caused it, thanks to the fact that we live in military housing; we don’t pay for our electricity, and therefore don’t even know who provides it, which, trust me, makes it very difficult to place a call to the company when you want to know what is up.

515259658_c9e2ce9437_m.jpgAnyway, it’s back. Our electricity. It came back Tuesday afternoon, the same day that we ended up buying a new car (applause! applause for us! we don’t have to go car shopping anymore! this is almost as exciting as the fact that we have our car!). We went with an ’05 Hyundai Santa Fe. The price was right, and its very shiny and pretty. Plus, while we were test driving it, Jeff farted in it. We knew then that it was as good as ours.

Our only complaint so far is that as I was driving down Rt. 1, Jeff, child that he is, was pushing buttons and messing with things, when he pushed a button that then would not turn off. He hit the four-way flashers button, and there they were, all flashing and stuff four ways. He snickered, I gave him a dirty look. He pushed the button again to turn them off, except that they wouldn’t. They kept on flashing, all four ways. He pounded on the button with his fist until he finally shook something loose and they ceased their blinking. “Huh,” Jeff said. “So that’s why this button is scratched up and looks like the previous owners tried to gnaw it off. Huh.”

We took the Santa Fe for its first road trip on Friday, to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The car did fine, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for my or Jeff’s patience with Ethan. He wasn’t exactly thrilled to sit in the car for three hours each way, no matter how many snacks I forcefed him. The part out of the car, though, at the actual beach, that was fun. It was especially entertaining to watch Ethan’s reaction to a new texture meeting his bare feet. He’s very anti-bare feet, always has been:


Here he is at about 11 months old, wondering what he did to deserve such torture.


And here he is, 23 months old, refusing to let his feet come in contact with the sand. He literally held his feet up in the air the entire time he shovelled sand into his bucket. I wonder how he’d feel about egg shells, or hot coals, perhaps?



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