I’m hungry

17 05 2007

A few things:

*Last time I was pregnant, I ate a lot of Rita’s Italian Ice. So much so that I had one of those punch cards, with a section for every kind of confection they offered, all 10 spots in each 6 sections nearly completely stamped out. My longing for italian ice is back with this pregnancy, but unfortunately the closest Rita’s is in Maryland. But that’s okay- Luigi’s Italian Ice from the grocery store is great second place. What? The commissary doesn’t stock it? How dare they; don’t they know I’m pregnant and that means I GET WHAT I WANT? Someone needs to inform them of this. In the meantime, I’m finding the Pure Fruit bars from Breyer’s to be a pretty good substitution (not to mention a healthier alternative). Other things I’ve been craving lately: mashed potatoes (also with the first pregnancy), peas (I heat up entire cans of them for myself), rice cakes with peanut butter, and, lest you think I crave only healthy foods… coffee ice cream, chocolate, english muffins slathered with butter and peanut butter (because, why not?), chocolate, potato chips, chocolate, pizza rolls, and chocolate. Also, I now see that I’ve pretty much mentioned every food there is, and while (so far) I’ve been doing a pretty good job of not giving in to every little craving AND EATING THE WHOLE WORLD, it doesn’t change the fact that I think about these foods all the time. Even when I’m nauseous and expelling these exact same foods into a trash recepticle. Pregnancy is gross, people.

*I have this weird thing about not letting Jeff see what I’m typing as I’m typing it. He can read it when I’m done, that’s fine. But while I’m in the process of typing? He might as well be trying to stand on a cafeteria table to read my 6th grade diary aloud to all the 6th grade boys I had crushes on and all the 6th grade girls I talked smack about. Doesn’t matter that what I’m typing will eventually be read by millions (okay, thousands. Alright, hundreds. Geez, okay, 37, are you happy?) of people on the Internet once I hit publish. That’s beside the point. You would think I was composing a list of Possible Ways I Might Overthrow the Government the way I first ineffectively shove my hands in front of the screen, then madly scooch to the other side of the couch, and finally throw my body over the laptop. I’m not sure from where this paranoia stems, but I bet it’s the same place from which comes my inability to allow him to fold the laundry. Hello, my name is Caley, and I am a Control Freak.

*Our neighbors, whom I’ve mentioned before, just came by to ask if I wouldn’t mind babysitting their 6-month-old daughter tomorrow. I told them I would, because they are young, and we are young, and I know how difficult it is to be young with a baby and in need of a sitter. He asked how much I would charge, and I told him not worry about it because I didn’t mind doing them a favor. If they tried making a habit of this, though, things would be different. I wonder if I am setting myself up to be their FREE on-call sitter, though? In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how Ethan interacts with an infant to whom I am paying lots of attention (not to mention how I’ll do with an Ethan and a baby)…

*We are looking to buy a second car very soon, and at the top of our list right now are the Pilot and the Tucson. We both like the Pilot, and got glowing reviews on it from two different Pilot owners (Piloteers, you might call them. Well, I might call them.)- one a parent, one not. But we are finding the Tucson to be a less-boxy-looking AND cheaper version of the Pilot. So, hm? Any thoughts?

*I’m hungry. I think I’ll go have some mashed potato and a fruit bar.

*What? I’M HUNGRY.

And a few other things:

*I love these! I need to order me some and start ironing them on everything Ethan owns. Boy better hope he likes robots.

*Whenever I’m in a crappy mood (which has been a lot lately), I watch this. It cheers me. I dare you to watch it and not laugh.

*Do your part. Click here (then on ‘fund free mammograms’)!

*Awhile back I posted that I wanted these, but a few holidays have come and gone since then, with no one (coughJEFFcough) picking up the hint and getting them for me. So I thought I’d repost them in the hopes that someone (coughJEFFhack) might, in his woe and self-pity at having to think of something to buy for his wife, go “Hey… I could just read through Caley’s old blogposts for some ideas, thereby eliminating the act of thinking on my part, because man, why I do have to think of something to get her?”



5 responses

18 05 2007

Have you considered Toyota at all? The Highlander is one to consider, also the Rav4 (unless that’s too small) or the Honda CRV. Personally, I’d go with the Pilot over the Tucson; I think Honda has been around longer than Hyundai. You’d get better gas mileage with the Rav4/CRV/Santa Fe (that’s Hyundai’s competitor to the CRV I think)

20 05 2007
ethans oma

Tons and tons of green beans…right out of Nana’s garden, canned, freshly cooked. That’s all I wanted to eat when I was pregnant with you. About the knitting items you “hinted” about, maybe you weren’t specific enough and that’s why you didn’t get them, because I looked at that and there are several items on the page.

21 05 2007

I think I survived on mashed potatoes alone for months!

21 05 2007

Mashed potatoes with nothing on it. She scared a poor server by saying if there was anything on it, she would puke. No garlic, no butter, nothing.

Caley: I miss your posts.

21 05 2007

It’s true about the poor waiter. I didn’t want to puke all over him if he brought me the wrong order, it was for his own safety.

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