The curious incident of the popcorn toe in the morning time

15 05 2007


I’d say someone is in need of some new footie pj’s.

When I was little, my brother, sister and I referred to a situation like the above image as a “popcorn toe.” I have absolutely no idea why. We were strange children…


Speaking of strange children. Ethan. Now, yes, he is strange (perhaps “unique” is a nicer way to put it), but its not the way he furiously licks his toes in rebellion when I try to force a diaper change upon him, and other such “unique” behaviors that I want to focus on right now. It’s how downright mean he has become lately.

Okay, like ‘strange’ and ‘unique,’ there’s probably a nicer way to say that. Violent, I guess? I know that’s not a nicer word, per se… in fact, its pretty much a worse word. What I mean to say is that the word ‘mean’ implies that he is behaving in a negative way with intention of hurting someone else. He is violent, but I don’t think he is intentionally hurting me (or whoever the unlucky shmuck is who happens to be in his path at the moment).

For example, this afternoon, Ethan came over to where I was lying on the couch with a headache. He looked at me, wound up, and let fly one of his Matchbox cars. I know that he meant to throw it. But I don’t think that he meant to hit me in the chin and break the skin. (He tried the same thing again later on in the evening, only this time there was no blood.)

He will hit me, I will sternly scold him, and, not even breaking eye contact, as if he were deaf and had not heard a word I’d said, he’ll swing and hit me again. And again, and again. It is very frustrating and I find that the further into this pregnancy I get, and the more hormonal I get, the quicker I lose my cool with Ethan. I talk to him too harshly, am unfairly upset with him, have very little patience, and leave him in time-out on the “naughty chair” for an extra couple of minutes that he doesn’t deserve.

My low point came a few days ago, though. First, I should say that Ethan has this pair of sunglasses that he likes to make me wear. He’ll hand them to me and indicate that he wants me to put them on. I oblige, and then, satisfied, he’ll g on his way. But as soon as I take them off, he’s back, whining for me to put them back on. I do, and the same thing happens. I TOLD YOU he makes me wear them.

Jeff has this Darth Vader mask that has suddenly become a great new toy to make Mama wear. Ethan brought it over and asked me to put it on. I did, he smiled, giggled, and went over to play with his cars. I took the mask off. Ethan stomped back over and started whining. I put the thing on, and repeat. I explained to him that I did not want to wear the mask- its hot under there and I couldn’t breathe! He whined and yelled, not hearing anything I said. And then, in a very immature fashion, I whined and yelled back at him that I DIDN’T WANT TO WEAR THE THING! He started screaming. I started screaming.

When Jeff came into the room, he found Ethan standing there, stomping his feet, throwing his hands up in the air, me sitting there looking like this, and both of us crying.

Ohh, hormones. How will I ever keep you in check? I’ve still got 7 months to go! 7 more months of tears and yelling? I don’t know if I can take it, let alone poor Jeff and Ethan, who are, as I type this, probably huddled together in a closet hoping I don’t find them.








2 responses

16 05 2007

I think Darth Vader would find a new home in the back of your closet. Maybe when he demands you put on the sunglasses (or whatever may be handy), you appease him once and then when he wants you to do it again, say “Mama already put the glasses on and now it’s time to put it away for later”. Then put them up out of sight and if he has a fit then let him. Tantrums are suppose to last only 2-3 minutes even if it feels like a century. Luckily, Lauren hasn’t hit that “phase” yet! Just keep plugging away!

16 05 2007

Ick, hitting. I totally understand the fustration. I have three children going through that right now. I wish I had the magic answer. If I figure it out, I will let you know. And if you can figure out how to stop a child from continously running down the hall, my ears are open.

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