A baby!

14 05 2007

If you know me even a little, you know I suck at keeping secrets. This one was no exception.

I tried, I really really tried, to hold out till officially out of the danger-zone before blabbing it, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t do it with Ethan, and I couldn’t do it this time. I’m actually 3 weeks shy of reaching that safety point where they all say its okay to start announcing it (that would make me 9 weeks along). And a lot of you already knew. Seriously, how could I be expected to keep this awesome news to myself? Just not possible.

So… a baby! A second baby, to be exact. A baby and a toddler… a toddler who is currently in the midst of a… phase. A mean, violent, dirty-looks-I-thought-were-reserved-for-teenagers phase. Whose idea was this?

Oh, right. Mine. Ours. Because, dude, a baby! Pre-Ethan, babies were foreign objects to me. Now, I love babies. Mostly my own. But I’m so excited! I’m due December 17, so that’ll make Ethan and his new brother or sister exactly 2 years, 6 months apart. A good spacing, no? I think so. I hope so. Not that it matters what I think or hope, because ain’t no stopping us now.

A few days ago Ethan picked up one of my pregnancy books and handed it to me, waiting for me to read him the story. I said “This isn’t that kind of book, Ethan. This is a book about having babies. Do you want a little baby brother or sister?” to which he replied, “Umm, [nonsensical baby language that went on for about 20 seconds].” (He starts all his ‘sentences’ lately with the word “um,” not a joke.) Clearly, he has some passionate feelings on the subject. I only wish that I could translate the words “gwaba” and “backa.”

I assumed that what he’d said all came down to: yes, Mother, I would love a sibling! And then I asked, “And what would you like to name the baby?”

“Umm… Mimi.”

Fortunately, that one I can transalate, and what he said was, “Umm… Mailman.”

We are eagerly awaiting your Christmas arrival, Mailman Adams!



3 responses

14 05 2007

I am very excited. I was thinking about it today, you are already on your second child and I am not anywhere ready for my first and we are only 3 days apart in age.

I hope that you have an easy pregnancy and enjoy all the attention!

14 05 2007
ethans oma

Ethan will probably change his mind on the name choice once he sees HER face !!

15 05 2007

and someday, hallie, you will have children and then you and caley will sit around going…”wow — can you believe our kids are graduating high school and ethan’s in college and rene is still not anywhere ready for her first?” 🙂

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