Steroids, wagons, and supermoms

9 05 2007

Eczema. Thanks to Jeff’s fondness for the buzzer/clipper things, Ethan’s nearly bald head allowed the doctor this morning to actually inspect Ethan’s rashy scalp, as opposed to peeking through the bush and *guessing* that there was some disturbed skin under there. And the conclusion is: he has eczema.

What to do about it? “LATHER HIM UP WITH THE CORTISONE LOTION WE PRESCRIBED FOR HIM LAST TIME,” the doctor yelled at me. Yeah, I know you prescribed it for him a week ago, but it’s a steroid; I don’t like to let Ethan have sugar, but I’m gonna rub steroids on him? Not without some convincing. There are so many shady possible side effects that go along with it- like, what about, stunted growth? Huh, doctor? What about that? I would love for my little boy to stay at this stage of ‘not quite baby but still not an official kid, yet, either’ forever, right? But not really. It’s okay right now that he’s so small that sometimes I don’t see him and accidentally step on him. But that won’t be okay WHEN HE’S 38.

So it looks like we’re gonna have to risk it and start using the cortisone (I know, Dave, I know). Oh, and what else did the good doctor have to say? She told us to continue with the Selsun shampoo. I can just see Ethan, 10 years from now, not only the same height as he is now, but with a head reeking of cabbage. It’s a good thing we were smart and got him betrothed before he was born, because… midget with cabbage head? Not exactly the traits of a ladies man.


(I took the liberty of getting an official, scientific age-progression thingy done for Ethan, were he to continue on this path of Selsun and steroids. 10 years down the road… the future isn’t kind.)

After the doctor’s office this morning we headed to Target. Did you know that neither Walmart, nor Kaybee Toys, NOR FREAKING TOYS ‘R US, nor, as I found out today, the Target in Alexandria OR the Target in Springfield, carries plain old, metal, red, old-skool style Radio Flyer wagons? I’ve been wanting to get him one for a while now, and I think it would make the perfect present for his second birthday (next month! yikes! when did he get so old?). The only place I’ve been able to find them is online, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it on the internet. I mean, the thing only costs $60 to begin with- why would I pay that PLUS another twenty or thirty in shipping? I’d have to be a moron to do that.

So after scouring the city for a wagon, I accept defeat and my title of moron and I will now go buy it online.

By the time we finally got home after all that, it was noon. We’d left the house at quarter after 8, and in that time, Ethan hadn’t had a diaper change. Since I came in the house and immediately starting making lunch, I wasn’t aware until Jeff said “Why are you wet? Did you pee through your diaper?” that he was still in this morning’s Pampers. “Oh, yeah, you might want to change him,” I told Jeff. “Yeah, thanks for telling me that now,” he replied.

Which, hello? Why is it always up to ME to think of diaper changes? Whenever we go out (the people always shout!), who makes sure there are wipes and a safe amount of diapers in the diaper bag? Who makes sure that not only do we have multiple sippy cups and raisins and entertaining toys, but snacks for Jeff, too (because he, like the 2-year-old, gets cranky when he doesn’t eat)? And the library books, and the receipt to return an item, and the list of what we need at the store, and the kitchen sink AND EVERYTHING ELSE EVER THOUGHT OF EVER? Who? Who is responsible for all that? ME. Do you think Jeff’s ever said once in his life, “Oh, yeah, don’t forget to bring a plastic bag in case he poops while we’re out, so we have somewhere to contain it…”? No. I can tell you, he has not.

And that’s ok. I’m the mom, I think of these things, whatever. That’s the way it goes, right? But… when he gives me attitude because in my rush to get in the house and make him lunch in a timely manner so as not to make him late for work, and I thus forget that the boy could use a diaper change… um, he doesn’t get to use The Tone with me. I have to remember everything– there’s only so much space left in my head! A few days ago I put a box of crackers away in the fridge. Yesterday I searched the fridge for the butter for 5 minutes before realizing that I’d already taken it out. Clearly, that space in my head reserved for remembering is running out. Can’t he give me a break?

To his credit, Jeff told me the only reason he so sarcastically thanked me for ‘telling him that now‘, was because he had the leaked-out diaper contents on his hands, and poop brings The Tone out in him. He apologized, and I forgave him. But the fact remains that the next time we go somewhere, I will be the one agonizing over and worrying that we’ve got every little thing. There was never any discussion about it, we never agreed that Jeff would be responsible for taking out the garbage, and I would be responsible FOR EVERYTHING ELSE, and yet here we are.

No wonder Moms get their own day. Sometimes the crackers end up cold and the butter goes bad on the counter, but everything else? We get it done. It’s tough keeping the entire world running smoothly and making sure everyone’s wearing clean underwear, but somebody’s gotta do it.



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9 05 2007
ethans oma

I laughed til I had tears running down my cheeks. You crack me up, and I needed that today. I was doing a good deed for my neighbor and in the process MOWED my telephone into a million pieces. Thanks for brightening up my day !!! You have been doing that for many years, now that I think about it.

9 05 2007
ethans oma

oh, also, did you check with about the wagon ? that’s where I got his rocket and the shipping was pretty reasonable. don’t forget upromise 😉

9 05 2007

how does one MOW their telephone? i guess it’s a good excuse for an upgrade though.

now, in my defense when i discovered that ethan had pood his pants i was appalled that it went unnoticed for so long that it was beginning to leak out his pants when i hear a little voice from the other room “oh yeah, he probably needs a diaper change”. it was just a little frustrating.

caley’s a wonderful mom and much deserves her own day. (a day of spiderman 3!)

9 05 2007

Ethan’s eczema meds. will not cause him to be three feet tall when entering the 6th grade. Eczema runs in our family and lucky Lauren inherited a touch. The steroid cream will work wonders in a short amount of time. ( I broke out in eczema hives a month before my wedding and was covered from head to toe. The cream worked like a charm!) Try Aveeno Baby creamy body wash or Cetaphil body wash. Both will soothe his skin.

Did you try the Target in Burke? It’s just off Roberts Parkway. They may have what you are looking for, if not, there is a Walmart about a block from Target.

It seems to me that God created women to remember and DO everything that “slips” the mind of men. You hit the nail on the head about having to worry about being prepared with a toddler.

Jeff, a little poop never hurt anything, even if is has gone unnoticed for a while. T-Bone is tough, smelly maybe, but tough! 🙂

9 05 2007
ethans oma

Jeff: It’s so easy when you’re as talented as I am….and yes I did get an upgrade !!! It was my home phone and it had a clip on the back to attach it to your belt or hook into the pocket. I was trying to finish up because it was really hot today and I just must have bumped it with the mower, it fell off and I didn’t notice it until I ran over it (I was pulling it backwards at the time and not looking at the ground).

10 05 2007

everyone in my family has had eczema at some point (zoe and i both when we were just as young as ethan — and as you can tell it has not stunted her growth), and we have all used cortisone and any number of steriods on it, so nothing to worry about. you just have to only use the cream when he needs it and i would agree with kim and try aveeno or cetaphil too.

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