Suburban peep show

2 05 2007

We only have one car. What this means is that if I know I’m gonna want to leave the house one day, I must first know this the night before, in order to adequately prepare, and I must also wake up at 5 or so in the morning (if I think I’d like to get a shower before nightfall, anyway) so that I can drive Jeff to work.

I’d just returned home the other day from taking Jeff to work, and was getting out of the car with Ethan in my arms. I’d shut the door (and now it was locked) and taken a single step toward our stairs before I realized it. My pants? Which not three seconds earlier had been in their rightful place, around my waist? Yeah, they were now nestled happily around my ankles. What? What just happened?

It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to get the door unlocked and hike them back up with my thumb before I was able to lunge into the back seat of the car. It could have been worse, though- I was this close to wearing my big and ugly but comfy underwears that morning when I got dressed (“I only got the skanky ones left!”). I must have known on some level that I was going to give an early morning strip tease to the neighbors, because at the last second I switched to a pair of Vickie’s finest in red and pink, not at all skanky. Fate. Sure does work wonders sometimes, I tell ya.

Oh, and I still have no clue how my pants managed to untie their drawstrings all on their own. Life’s mysteries, they amaze me.


Another of life’s mysteries? What it is Ethan’s doing in this picture, exactly. I’m at a loss, I really am.





5 responses

3 05 2007

Did they really fall all the way down?!? That must have been funny for everyone but you!

3 05 2007
ethans oma

He’s trying to look at the end of his tongue ! Anyone can see that !!

3 05 2007
ethans oma

Oh and by the way, that’s even worse than when I walked down Main St with toilet paper hanging out of my pants !!!

4 05 2007

Kim: Yes. They totally fell down all the way to my ankles. They are my favorite pair of pj pants that have no elastic in the waist, they rely solely on the drawstring. So when the drawstring is completely unstrung, they are almost as big as clown pants, thus making it 100% possible to fall all the way to the ground. Sigh. I WISH I’d been exaggerating…

Ethan’s Oma: I may have to disagree with you on that- my pants were only around my ankles for a total of maybe 10 seconds. You had toilet paper hanging out of your pants for how long before you realized it? I’m sure tons more people witnessed your humility than did mine. So don’t worry- you still win Most Embarrassing Moment. 🙂

6 05 2007
ethans oma

thanks….i think

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