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1 05 2007

So not to harp on the stupid cat that just won’t go away but… I need someone else’s opinion here:

Jeff thinks I’m ridiculously overreacting in how bothered I am that the neighbors’ cat won’t leave us alone. The thing is always there. Scratching at our door. Sunning on it’s back in front of the door. Lying on our table, getting its hair and dander and nasty catness all over my stuff.

We keep the diaper pail out on the balcony due to its inability to trap the suffocating deathly odors of Ethan’s crap, so if I need to go out there to get rid of one, and the cat’s sitting there in front of the door, I can’t. It tries to sneak into the house.

If I want to water my flowers, and the cat’s out there, I can’t. Because two seconds around it and I’m already sneezing and itching my eyes and ripping my hair out and sprouting whiskers.

Basically, I’m a prisoner in my own home. (Okay, perhaps that is overreacting just a bit. But talking about the cat again is getting me going.)

And here’s the worst part. When we sit at the dinner table in the evening, the cat sits at the door, looking in, watching us eat. The whole meal. Occassionally pawing at the door and mewing, like its begging us for food. I’m sorry, but c’mon! If I liked the things, and if I wasn’t fatally allergic to them, then maybe this wouldn’t bother me so much.

But as it is, I do not own a cat. So why does one live on my balcony?

I made Jeff try to barricade the place where he sneaks over, but he pushed his stupid cat way through it. The neighbor said he tried to block him in, too, but he, too, was outsmarted. My other idea was to have Jeff chase him off the balcony to his death with his remote control car. So far that hasn’t worked, either.

Now I am left hoping that he accidentally falls down into the downstairs neighbor’s yard, where he’ll be at the unforgiving mercy of Simba, their big, fierce yellow Lab. I’m pretty sure Simba’s on my side on this one.

Jeff is not. Jeff thinks I should just get used to the cat and learn to like him. I should go out and pet him and bring him little bowls of milk. I should name him. Um, no. I want him gone, I don’t want to adopt him! Why can’t he understand that?

Or is Jeff right- when I get mad that I can’t open the door to the balcony for fear that the cat will dart by me and infiltrate my nice, clean, cat-free home, am I overreacting? Am I wrong to get pissed while he salivates as we eat our spaghetti?

I think I know the answer, but I (and by “I” I mean “Jeff”) need to hear someone else say it.


Now I must ask for more opinions. This one’ll be more fun, though- it involves shoes.

I love love LOVE Robeez shoes- they are the only shoes I’ve bought for Ethan his whole life. They are great for infants, for crawlers, for those learning to walk, and those who’ve been walking a little bit. But now that he’s pretty much got the walking thing down, they just don’t seem right for Ethan’s little feet. He needs a little support, and its time to buy him some shoes that offer just that.*

With summer on its way, I want a cute pair of sandals for my boy, but I just can’t decide which ones.  So far I’m liking Vincent:


(In brown.)


(Probably in black.)


(Color undecided.)

So, thoughts? Anyone? I know you’re out there, readers. I can see how many of you read my blog and I know that it is a number far greater than the number of you who actually leave comments (which, by the way, thank you for that! There may not be many of them, but those of you who take the time to comment, know that I appreciate it!). I desperately need your help here, not only because I need to hear an outside party say that I’m right (or that I’m wrong- I respect honesty. I won’t like it, but I’ll respect it) when it comes to the Unwelcome Cat, but also because I can’t decide if these little mandals are way adorable or completely hideous.

* To be fair, he does own one pair of actual shoes with soles- but I didn’t buy them. His Oma, who lives to spoil him, bought him his Converse Chuckies.



9 responses

1 05 2007
Mom A

I tend to agree with you on the cat,altho I’m not sure what you can do.Maybe Jeff could try his bb gun unless that would cause problems with your neighbor.I like the third one & black is a good color (but I do like his converse).

2 05 2007
ethans oma

Cats don’t like water, so maybe you can throw a bucket of water on him a few times and that might make him go away.

2 05 2007

I would also be annoyed at the constant cat visits. Sorry Jeff, I’m on Caley’s side. As to a solution? You’ve got me. My shoe vote is for the first pair. The toes need protection and the other two styles don’t cover the tooties. They should also be flexible enough to move with Ethan’s foot. We ended up buying a pair of Stride Rite sneakers for Lauren and I really like them. Unfortunately, the cost is more than I’d ever dream of spending, but they have been good shoes thus far.

2 05 2007

I agree with Kim. The toes need protection. We are required to have the kids have closed toe shoes so they don’t stub their toes.

As for the cat, I’m not a big fan of cats but they are much sneakier than dogs.

2 05 2007

The Converse Chuckies are CUTE!!!

As far as sandals (in my opinion, everyone needs a GOOD pair of sandals they can live in all summer, supplemented with the el cheapo Old Navy flip flops in favorite colors). For Ethan…if you’re going for earth-friendly look…the top one in brown. If more sporty…the second one in black (or grey). Fun shoes!!!

And the cat. Ick. cats. It would bother me to no end as well. Have you talked to the owner? Is there a reason it can’t be an indoor cat ( i know plenty of cats who are), especially since it seems to take up residence on YOUR balcony. And really, I’d tell you to give it a little slack…but only if you weren’t ALLERGIC to the cat. Ugh…my vote is for the owner to make it an indoor pet. To save your sneezes (and whiskers).

2 05 2007

Mom A: HA! Shoot it with a BB gun! I love it!

Ethan’s Oma: Much more humane than the BB gun, but not as satisfying…

Kim and Hallie: Good call on the toe protection. That didn’t even occur to me…

Kristi: We have told the owner- Jeff actually went over and got him so he could come to our place and retrieve the cat the first time it happened. And then the other day when Jeff knocked on their door to ask to borrow something, before the guy answered Jeff heard him yell to his wife, “Oh, no, where’s the cat??” thinking that’s what Jeff was there about. So he definitely knows. But since they too have tried blocking him in, without success, we don’t know what else to do. The reason they don’t let him in the house very much is because they have a 4 month old baby that I guess they don’t want him around.

I think I’m going to try the water suggestion and see what happens…

3 05 2007

The cat. Maybe a leash? haha. A cat on a leash. But that seems only fair. The owners have a responsibility. I mean, let’s say the cat *happened* to plummet into the land of Simba…would the owners then turn to you and blame you for killing their cat? The reason you don’t have a cat is because of allergies…and because they are the spawn of satan, but that’s beside the point. It is the cat owners responsibility to do something about it. Would they like having Ethan wandering around their balcony, pawwing at their door, begging for food? Okay, my apologies for comparing your beautiful son with um…cats. But you get the gist. I say you approach the neighbors, firmly but honestly, and if they don’t take action, consider it a health risk to have the cat wandering around your property and whatever happens after that is pure fate. Poor cat. As far as the sandals? I’m clueless. But the cat must go. =0)

3 05 2007

Maybe if you put chicken wire up between your patio and the neighbor’s patio that would stop the problem? To keep the cat off your table, maybe you could move the chairs away from it when it’s not in use (although he’d probably be able to jump up onto it anyway without the chair there) The water solution might work, though. My cat used to run under an overhang on our house and if I didn’t have the patience (or time) to deal with her, I could just go, get a small pot of water, and throw the water at the side of the house (not on the cat, it was kind of like the warning shots they give to escaping prisoners) She got the message and went inside. My cat was also mortally afraid of the vacuum cleaner. That’s your solution. Leave the vacuum cleaner plugged in and on: permanently. 😉
Personally, I’d go with a blue on the sandals, rather than brown, but I’m far from a fashion maven.

4 05 2007

Kelly: I totally agree with you- cats= spawns of satan. Also, don’t worry about comparing my son to a cat- I was picturing him pawing at the neighbor’s door and begging for food and it was hilarious. 🙂

Douglas: Chicken wire is probably what it’s gonna take to stop this cat. Though the idea of leaving the vacuum cleaner plugged in and on is an EXCELLENT one as well, because I’m sure it wouldn’t take long before it overheated and caught fire, thus burning down our balcony, and then? THEN where would the cat go?? Not on my balcony, that’s for sure. So that just might work.

Also, what are you talking about?!? You are TOTALLY a fashion maven, and you know it! 😉

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