Bedknobs and Peepsticks

18 04 2007

(I’m going to pretend that I did not just use the word ‘peepsticks’. You’ll do the same, please.)

I wake up like 16 times in the night to go pee. I think my bladder is shrinking. However, this is a good thing, because it allows me to continuously enter Ethan’s room throughout the night and put him back in his bed. We’ve got it down to a system now, where I first place the Spiderman cuddle blanket and pacifier at strategic, easy-to-reach places, then quickly lift my sleeping, snoring, sweaty 25-lb. sack of potatoes and drop him back in his bed. He’s gotten used to this and doesn’t even wake up anymore.

And it figures that just as we would be settling into our own cracked-out version of a routine (how horrible is it of me that I consider falling out of his bed ‘just routine’ for Ethan?), a light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. A light in the form of an actual toddler bed, given to us by Rene‘s mother, Sherri. We hadn’t planned on buying Ethan a new bed until he was ready for one that he could use for more than just a few years; the fact that his crib converts to a toddler bed was one of the main selling points for us at the time of purchase.

But little did we know, Graco, or Aspen, or Simplicity (all the paperwork that came with the crib has both those names on it; I think they were intentionally vague about who exactly manufactured this crib because they didn’t want anyone to come after them for NOT MAKING THE RAILS THE CORRECT SIZE) or whoever it was that made the bed, had it in for us new parents. When I was about 5 months pregnant, we looked at the crib, noted its conversion capabilities, and said “Yes! This is the crib for our son!” But we failed to note that in the little picture featuring said crib in said conversion state, the rails very crazily left a big gap in the middle, leaving a hole just the right size for a kid to fall out of. We were amateurs, as we did not yet have our Parenting Certificates, and that fact was totally lost on us.

I looked online for rails that ran the length of the bed that could be purchased separately and attached to the kind of bed Ethan has, and I found NONE. But, as I said, Sherri has very kindly given us her daughter’s old bed, and it has the long rail that I’ve so been wanting. However, I’d be willing to bet that Ethan will find some way to fall out of this bed, too. Out the top, maybe? He could do it. He’s that sneaky.


In a completely unrelated note, check out the photo gallery of the Peeps diorama contest held by The Washington Post. Some really cool Peepy artwork. My favorite: the Say Anything entry, of course.



3 responses

18 04 2007
Lady S

I loved the Say Anything entry too. But I had to vote for #19 “She’s My Peep”, the Anna Nicole baby trial one. It was made by my best friend from college.

I am glad to have your experience about baby cribs, so I won’t make the same mistake years from now when I am buying one for my own baby.

18 04 2007

it’s so weird to think that my bug used to be small enough to fit in that little bed. tear. 😦

18 04 2007

First, I’m glad neither of you was offended and/or creeped out by my use of the word “peepsticks.” My least favorite part of blogging is having to come up with titles. Some of mine are pretty awful, and some have (unknowingly) been used more than once. Oops.

Second, Lady S, I’m so glad that my mistakes as a parent might help a future parent out! When Ethan bumps his head on the way out the bed, I will say “Ethan, take comfort in the fact that your bump might save another baby from a bump, so stop crying!”

Third, while yes, it is weird to think she used to be that little, I kind of feel like, in a way, she OWES Ethan a bed, since, you know, SHE GAVE HIM WHIPLASH WHEN HE WAS AN INFANT! Just kidding. But she did. Though I am just kidding.

even though she did.

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