On the floor again…

11 04 2007

Last night, shortly after going to bed, I heard that dreaded thump! and ran faster than I’ve run since… well, since dinner last night (I was trying to feed Ethan and get his bath ready at the same time, when I realized I had forgotten about the bath part, and ran like the wind into the bathroom to turn off the faucet in the tub, which luckily still had about two inches to go before it overflowed; way to multitask, idiot) into Ethan’s room.

I found him on the floor, clutching the body pillow (that broke his fall) with both hands and feet, fast asleep. He opened his eyes for a second, but settled immediately after being returned to bed. Just to make sure, I crouched down next to his bed where he couldn’t see me before I tried to leave the room. I may not be an expert at this parenting thing, but even I know that while a kid can sleep through the trauma of falling out of bed, the sound of his mother stealthily tiptoeing out of the room will always wake him up.

I crouched (which wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds; I had a very comfy little nest of couch pillows, regular pillows, body pillows and a husband pillow to lean on. When I mentioned it before, it was just the couch pillows, but finding your son asleep on the floor under his bed next to the pillows you’ve placed there to catch him changes things!) for about 40 seconds before he rolled… and kept rolling… and rolled right off the bed again! Thanks to my quick reflexes, I caught him before he hit the pillow nest and pushed him back into bed.


Less than 30 seconds later he was rolling again. This time, only his body headed toward the opening between the rails- his head was behind the top rail. So what did he do? He lifted his sleepy head, eyes still closed, up and over the rail, and down he fell, once again into my arms (he’s lucky I am so talented). Once again, I pushed him back into bed, made sure he was going to stay on the wall-side of the bed for a minute or two, and quickly went back into my bedroom to grab a pillow and a blanket. He was clearly in need of a spotter.

The “very comfy pillow nest” had become my immensely uncomfortable and awful bed for the night. And that is how I came to have the worst night’s sleep since I was pregnant and bulbous and heartburney. I caught and pushed him back into bed 3 more times throughout the night before we woke up for the final time. At 4:21. When I heard him rolling around I opened my eyes and he was looking right at me. It was creepy. But I shut them again really fast and hoped that he’d fall right back asleep, that it wasn’t too late, that we could still try to get some shut eye. (He did not, it was, and no one would be getting any shut eye until nap time.)

While I kept my eyes squeezed tightly shut, I could hear him moving around and… doing things. And then I sensed something, and I couldn’t help it, I opened my eyes. Ethan had leaned off of his bed and was holding his sock out half an inch from my face. And that’s when I knew it was over for me. I gave up all hope of getting any more sleep. My defeat was confirmed when he then handed me his other sock, and then proceeded to hand me some of the lint from between his toes, and then made me stroke his cheek with his Spiderman cuddle blanket. As a cruel trick he got my hopes of more sleep up when he actually laid down again and made me hold his hand for awhile, not that I minded (although my hand did fall asleep from lying there with it straight up in the air for who knows how long). But then he was up again, asking, “Mama? Mama? MAMA?”

“What, Ethan?” I whispered.

“Google. Google. Google!” And now he was giggling. (Yes, my husband taught my son, who can only say “mama,” “dada,” “bye bye,” and like three other words, to say “google.” Little nerd in training.)

Sigh. So needless to say, I am tired. And also torn; do we put the crib railing back up? We don’t want to confuse him. We started this thing, we should finish it, right? But there’s no way I can take another night of lying on the floor. I can’t function on three hours of sleep. Plus I don’t want him to get used to the 4:21am wake up time. But I don’t want him falling out of bed every night, either! I can’t describe the feeling of going in to check on your son and having to actually search the room for his sleeping body. Is he under the couch? Under the bed? In the closet? In the toy box? What do we do???


(Ethan as he stopped to smell the dandelions. Clearly, he is oblivious to my agony.)



2 responses

12 04 2007

Can you buy the removal siderails? Laura and Scott has them when they were young.

12 04 2007

My suggestion would be to put them back in the lowest position. That will probably confuse him less than finding his Mama beside his bed.

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