Links of the craft persuasion

10 04 2007

*I have looked my entire life for a solution to the problem of how to best keep my earrings in an organized and unique way. Curious Jane has done it! I love this idea and will make one as soon as I can find the time.

*These little spool animals by Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls are cute and look like they’d be a fun project to make with Ethan. You know, when he’s old enough to do projects, not eat projects.

*I’ve been needing a heavy-duty bag for toting library books, but I don’t want something ugly (all I can picture when I think ‘heavy-duty’ is a plain canvas bag that will inevitably get dirty and have brown and gray smudges all over it- ew). Jen at Crafty Daisies shared this bag she just made, and it’s inspired me; perhaps I can de-ugly a canvas bag with a cute felted design on the front? Hmm. I’ll have to think about this one.

*Also from those crafty daisies: turn those onesies that don’t fit your growing toddlers anymore into t-shirts! Ethan has quite a few onesies that he grew out of lengthwise after just one or two wears, and I plan to recycle them for him, as soon as I can dig out my not-used-nearly enough sewing machine from what used to be my craft desk in the laundry room.

*I’ve been meaning to make something to hold my knitting needles in for YEARS. There is no excuse as to why they all still live in the bottom drawer of a RubberMaid thingy of drawers, not even paired up, just a plethora of unmatched needles floating around haphazardly. No excuse. Cat of Cut Out + Keep has a pattern for just such a holder and if I don’t make my own soon, then… I don’t deserve to own knitting needles! Okay, perhaps that’s too harsh. No excuse!

*If I have a daughter someday, she is getting three things: the pink, faux-fur-trimmed poncho (it sounds hideous, but it’s actually quite fashionable) I finished knitting for my baby the day before I found out he was a boy, the pearl necklace Jeff and I got in Hawaii (not my maile lei one- we got two; remember how I said the guy who sold them to us was giddy? You would be too if you’d just sweet talked some innocent tourists into not one but TWO PEARL NECKLACES), and this. Oh, right, yes and love, too. But how awesome is this little pretend kitchen? And its even awesomer having been made from mostly recycled materials. Not to mention the fact that it would save us from owning one more ginormous piece of plastic toyage, of which there exist millions. This is a one of a kind.



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