Porkchops and applesauce

9 04 2007

This was the view from our balcony about a week ago. And this was the view when we woke up Saturday morning, excited to go to Ethan’s first Easter egg hunt:


Why is it that we don’t get snow when we’re supposed to, like, say, at Christmas, but we get a dusting worthy of cancellations (yes, they cancel stuff for that much snow in Virginia) the day before Easter? When its supposed to be warm and springlike? As we drove to the site of the hunt, Jeff said “I thought April showers were supposed to bring us the May flowers.”

“I guess April snows bring us…?” I wondered.

“May hoes,” Jeff replied. “Next month I’m going to bring you a big bouquet of May hoes.” I’ll have my vase ready, Jeff. My dirty vase.

So Ethan’s first egg hunt was to take place in thirty degree weather. We were still egg_hunt.jpglooking forward to it, though. When we got there, as we searched for a parking spot, we could see a huge crowd of people gathered, waiting anxiously for the shotgun to signal the start. We finally parked and as we were getting out of the car, we heard the thundering feet as the stampede began. By the time we got there, there wasn’t a single egg to be found. Luckily there were two (yeah, only 2, out of a crowd of a couple hundred) nice kids who each tossed one of their own eggs on the ground for Ethan to find. Not that Ethan cared; he was pretty much pissed off that we were making him walk in mud and get his Chuckies dirty. He is his father’s son.

That night Ethan woke up with a fever. It must have been those ten minutes we forced Ethan to look for eggs in the cold that did it. So he wasn’t exactly thrilled when he got up Easter morning and what did he see? More of those darn eggs to look for!

bunnies.jpgCourtney of Two Straight Lines made these cute beanbag bunnies. Since I don’t think Ethan needs to have candy in his Easter basket (unlike his Aunt Rene, who showered him with sugar), I thought they’d make a nice addition, and I made him a couple. Mine didn’t come out as nice as her originals, but I thought Ethan wouldn’t care. I was wrong, however, since he wants nothing to do with them because apparently he’s afraid of bunnies. He is his mother’s son.

I tried my hand at pork for the first time for Easter dinner. In addition to the honey glazed pork (which came out great, apparently I’m like, awesome), cryer.jpgI also made scalloped potatoes, Berry Mallow Yam Bake (which, after a slip of the tongue on Jeff’s part, will from here on out be known as Berry Yellow Man Bake, which I kind of just want to shorten to Barry Manilow for some reason), peas with sauteed garlic and onions, cinnamon applesauce (to be fair, Jeff stirred it, it wasn’t all me) and rolls. Ethan didn’t eat a single bite. He did cry a lot, though. He’s a fantastic dinner companion.

So given Ethan’s fever the night before, his general crabbiness, and the fact that he didn’t eat any dinner, I’m now wondering what on earth made us decide that last night would be a good night to try out the toddler bed for the first time. Perhaps there was something in the Berry Yellow Man Bake? The yellow men must have made us do it.

We converted the crib to a bed with rails and crossed our fingers. Ethan fussed more than usual when we put him down, but we stuck with it and he eventually fell asleep. I thought, hey, I guess he was ready for the big boy bed. Because how do you know for sure? At what age do you normally make this kind of transition? I didn’t know. But I do know that he is capable of staying somewhere when we tell him has to. Like when we put him in the Naughty Chair, for example. We’ve been using it for close to 6 months probably, and he has only ever gotten up from it once. So I figured he’d stay in bed when we put him there. But just to be safe, we put a baby gate in the doorway.

When we went to bed that night, seeing how he didn’t get out of bed at all, we decided to take it down so that he’d be able to come into our room in the morning. We were surprised how smoothly the whole thing had gone. But sure enough, at about 2am, Jeff suddenly sat up straight, poking me and asking me if I’d heard something. I mumbled some things that weren’t even words- I was totally out of it and not even sure who he was. Something flashed past our doorway, and immediately Jeff was out of bed chasing it. I, on the other hand, went immediately back to sleep.


This morning, around 6am, I woke to Jeff poking me, again. He told me that I had to go look at how Ethan was sleeping. “But I’m sleeping,” I said. I’ve seen him sleep before. Why would I want to leave my warm bed? He said, “Trust me, you’re gonna wanna see this.”

This is what I saw when I went in Ethan’s room: behind the sofa pillows I’d put on the floor (in case he fell out of bed in the night), and underneath his bed, lay Ethan, on his tummy, snoring. I felt sooo bad. He must have fallen out and rolled off the pillows. I didn’t feel too bad, though, because it obviously hadn’t bothered him very much.

Jeff told me that last night after he woke up to what he thinks was the sound of Ethan falling out of bed, he got out of bed and found Ethan standing in the living room. The pitch dark, empty living room. He scooped him up and Ethan was fast asleep again as soon as they got back in his room. I guess he fell out of bed and went sleepwalking? Again, he didn’t seem upset or even slightly bothered. But I still don’t know if he’s ready for this. I guess all we can do is stick it out and pray that he doesn’t sleepwalk into a wall or anything.



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10 04 2007

As usual, your commentary on motherhood cracks me up! Lauren, Matt, and I enjoyed a chilly Easter Egg Hunt too, and walked away with four eggs (filled with Smarties) and left after 15 minutes. We certainly didn’t get our $5 worth of entertainment! Your bunnies are adorable – what a smart idea. Now I have a year to make them for Lauren’s first official Easter basket (I’m with you on the candy.). You and Jeff are brave with Ethan moving into his “new” bed. It seems like you have the right idea – good thing he knows how to get comfortable where his little body may land. I’m with you. I’ve seen Lauren sleep and would like Matt to do all the night shifts when Lauren transitions into a toddler bed. It’s only fair, because I’ve had the night shift since day one. Happy to see you had a nice Easter despite the crazy weather and crabby dinner company!

11 04 2007

I think you shouldn’t have to pay for Easter egg hunts if your kid is under a certain age, like, say, 3 or something. Everybody knows its the ‘big kids’ that make out best at those types of things. I think you were supposed to pay for the one we went to, too, but we didn’t! We got there after it had started, and nobody said anything, AND WE ONLY GOT TWO (donated) EGGS! Oh well.
Also, good luck with that ‘getting Matt to do all the night shifts’ business!!

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