A fish called Ock(da)

5 04 2007

Less than 24 hours after posting about my poor, underprivileged son’s lack of Matchbox cars, what does he now own? Thanks to Cool Aunt Ne Ne, Ethan is the proud owner of a firetruck, two cars, an Escolade (?), and a tractor (forklift? I don’t know) thing. Ethan, of course, loves them, and especially enjoys lining them up in an organized fashion.


You know, Ethan has also recently become very interested in these knitting needles. Odd, I know, for a boy. Of nearly two. But who am I to question his creative mind?

(Hey, it was worth a shot.)


Shout out to my dear mother, who not only took on the job of Single Oma for a week so that I could relax in the Hawaiian sun, but also earned the title of Cool Single Oma: when I returned from Oahu she led me out to our back porch for a “surprise” from herself and Ethan. My formerly dirty, buggy and full of failed dead plants balcony/porch thing was not only clean and greatly de-bugified, but full of flowers and plants and little decorations (tiki torches and paper lanterns).


She said she was hoping that Jeff and I would be able to put Ethan to bed early one night and then relax on our “tropical” balcony with a drink (she also bought little paper drink umbrellas) and pretend we were still on the island. Little did she know, I’ve already been pretending I’m still there; I have refused to stop wearing my flip flops, despite the cool Virginia weather. But an umbrella’d drink in my hand will definitely help with the pretending. And may even help keep my cold toes from freezing.


Not to give her a big head or anything, but I forgot to mention that not only did Cool Aunt Ne Ne show up with toy cars last night, she also brought Ethan a new fish. Meet Egg Adams, distant relative of our dear Kimmy Gibbler, may she rest in peace. Egg’s name comes from Ethan’s limited vocabulary; with all the Easter decorations around the house he has learned to say the word egg. So what if it sounds like “ock”?


(One of said Easter decorations happens to live next door to the fish bowl. He’s about to swallow his fishy neighbor whole, I think. Creepy.)


My mom and Rene were so good to Ethan and me, I couldn’t not show them my appreciation. You know those two warm days we had a few days ago? Yeah. Those were from me. Brought ’em back from Hawaii with me. You’re welcome.



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