Husbands know best. (Once in awhile.)

18 03 2007

Well, I tried to rope Rene into going to get a massage with me- I offered her one of my five if she’d go along so that I didn’t have to do this thing alone. Unfortunately for me, she had plans to be plastered for the next few days and wouldn’t be able to make it to an appointment until later in the week, which would be useless to me since I would be thousands of miles away by then. And so, yesterday, I went alone.

I was dreading it, and I don’t even have a good reason why. Things got off to a rough start: I left almost 15 minutes late, then drove right by it and didn’t realize it till I’d gone a few blocks past. I circled around and pulled in, only to find the parking lot full. I did this like two more times and then finally had to call them to say that yes, I was 15 minutes late for my appointment, but I was actually right outside, looking for parking.

But then things changed. I met the woman who’d be giving me my massage- Alicia, pronounced “a-lee-cee-ya”- and she sounded just like Nanny Jo (coincidentally, the woman of Jeff’s dreams). I immediately loved her. And, oh, her hands… I love those even more! I was lying there wondering why on Earth I’d put this off for so long. I was also thinking about the enormous apology I owe my husband… my amazing, wonderful husband whose idea it was to get me the massages, and who took so much crap from me 6 months ago. I even thought for a moment, a really quick moment, but a moment nonetheless, “I don’t even need to go to Hawaii now…” It was that good.

And then. Oh, and then. Leave it to me to mess up a good thing. After a good 15 or 20 minutes on my stomach, as I lay there nearly comatose and drooling, Alicia told me to turn over onto my back so she could work on my neck and shoulders. But I was so warm and relaxed that I’d forgotten I wasn’t wearing anything. And up I sat. And down came the sheet. Alicia kindly averted her eyes and pretended nothing had happened.

183021610_ad83fcfc37_m.jpgAnd that was my first- and most defintely not my last- massage. I might even be addicted to massages now (Alicia recommended that I try a Lomi Lomi massage while in Hawaii, to help satisfy my new habit). It was made even better by the fact that when I returned home, Jeff had dinner cooking and almost done. I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you, Jeff. You are a better husband than I deserve.



3 responses

18 03 2007

i miss out on all the good stuff…and then to boot, i didn’t even get to get “plastered.”

18 03 2007

i’m glad you liked it (told you so!) and thank you for the very nice compliments. just don’t get too addicted to those trained but very expensive hands 😉

20 03 2007
Mom A

I’m glad you finally took advantage of the pampering. Enjoy everyone of those gifts.We all need those times of relaxation.

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