Maybe the Girl Scouts and Britney Spears are in cahoots?

15 03 2007

I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed. For some reason, my body has refused to adjust to the one hour we lost last weekend. Yeah, I know, one whole hour, whoop-dee-doo. But because of this I’ve been staying up too late. And it’s not even like I’ve been staying up too late cleaning or getting laundry done or packing for Hawaii or anything else productive. No, last night I stayed up watching “The Real Housewives of the OC” or whatever it’s called, removing my chipped toe nail polish (when was the last time I painted my nails? I can’t remember… it wasn’t in 2007, that’s for sure), and dying my hair. The need to dye my hair became an urgent one after I saw this picture Jeff took of me just a few days ago. Yikes! Someone tried to justify that awful dirty mop on my head by telling me that I’m just “a busy mom.” I think she was trying to help, but unfortunately it only made me feel worse.

Oh, yes, and I also ended up eating two Girl Scout cookies and some Cheese-Its. You can’t watch The Housewives cry about their boyfriends breaking up with them on couches without munchies. Anyway, needless to say I was pretty disappointed in myself after that. I was so sure that, starting March 1st, I’d be able to stick to a healthy diet without cheating too much, for the sake of Oahu. But nooo, those darn Girl Scouts had to stand outside the grocery store and force me to buy more cookies and ruin my model-esque body. (Alright, it wasn’t two cookies. It was three. Well, the two, plus three other ones.)

So. Anyway. Oh, yes, overwhelmed. I ended up staying up til 12:30 last night, and then had to get up at quarter to six to take Jeff to work, so that I could have the car today to run errands. And I didn’t even finish them all! So now I’m staying up late to write about how I’m staying up late, just to get up early again tomorrow and be in the same stupid boat all over again.

In addition to the errands, we’ve got friends coming tomorrow night to visit, so that means a little bit of baking and a LOT a bit of cleaning. Then a party to attend to Saturday evening, for which I also have to bake something. And… remember those massages Jeff gave me for my birthday last year? The ones I didn’t really want (i.e., tried (and failed) to sell) and so I very maturely put off scheduling? Yeah, if I don’t use the first one by the end of this month, I lose them all. So add “schedule a massage that I don’t want but probably really really need” to my neverending list of to do’s.

Not to mention all the packing and planning I still have to do before Jeff leaves Monday. True, I don’t leave till Wednesday morning, but since Jeff’s the one on official orders here, and not me, Jeff is the one who’s pretty much allowed to take as much luggage as he wants to the Big Island. (He just informed me that this isn’t true. But I know it is; who’s gonna try to stop a military man on orders?) Which means he’ll be taking as much as he can fit into the suitcase AFTER I’ve packed it with my own Very Important things.

421513536_c3dea33b82_m.jpgPlus there’s the planning to make sure that everything is set for my mom while she’s here with Ethan, for what she thinks is going to be a week of pure bliss. Little does she know, she’s in for a week of Toddler Domination. He’s cute, but man he sure is mean lately! His favorite move is slapping the glasses off your face, which he always ends with after a quick one-two to your cheeks. So predictable, and yet I’m never prepared for it. He’s good. He’s so good, he’s bad. Look out, Oma. And don’t forget your protective eye gear (otherwise, when he goes to knock your glasses off, and finds none to assault, he’ll just poke you in your poor, defenseless eyeballs instead. He’s vicious.). Oh, I’m going to miss him so much!

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get everything done in time. I think maybe it’ll just be easier if I accept that and go read some celebrity gossip instead. Did you know that Britney’s already found herself a new boy in rehab? I bet Britney Spears doesn’t have to worry about leaving accurate instructions for her boys’ caregiver while she’s “on vacation”, or when she’ll possibly find the time to fit a massage into her busy schedule, or what color to dye her hair… I am so jealous of you, Britney Spears.


Countdown to Hawaii: 5 (I need more time!) days!



One response

17 03 2007
ethans oma

Don’t worry about me, my dear. I know all about the terrible two’s, although I was in my 20’s the last time I had to deal with it on a daily basis…I am looking forward to this VERY MUCH !!!

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