I can almost taste it…

13 03 2007

…Or maybe that’s just the half a box of Junior Caramels I just scarfed down (it’s okay, they’re fat free. Right?). No, no, it’s Hawaii, silly me. Our trip is becoming more of a reality everyday. A few days ago, the beachy summery clothes I ordered from OldNavy.com arrived (yes, I order my clothes online. Have you tried to go shopping with a toddler? It just isn’t a possibility for me, unless my personal shopper Rene comes along, too- which she’s been doing for me a lot lately. How did I survive before she moved down here?).

I’ve tried on all my bikinis and narrowed it down to the three I’ll be taking with me. I’ve been researching things to do in the area where we’ll be staying, and I’m eagerly awaiting my official visitor’s guide to Hawaii (though I doubt it’s gonna make it here before I make it there). And a few days ago, I called the MWR office at Ford Island to register Jeff and myself for a class: Learn to Surf (coincidentally, the guy I spoke to on the phone went to Penn State- what a small world!). I asked if he knew of any public beaches within walking distance of where we’ll be staying and he said they’re about a 5 minute drive from our lodging. Looks like I’ll be getting some exercise as well as a tiny chunk of my MIA sanity back on this little vacation!

To top it all off, this was the fortune in my cookie today at lunch:


(It makes up for all those times I’ve gotten “you have a kind and generous soul” as a fortune. Hello, tell me something I don’t know! Isn’t that the idea behind a fortune?)

I almost feel like packing my suitcase right now and setting it next to the front door. Is that too eager? I’M READY TO GO.

Countdown to Hawaii: 8 (long) days.



One response

13 03 2007

Again, I wish I were tiny enough to slip into your suitcase and enjoy a little beach time myself! Wow, 5 minutes from fun in the sun! I guess you made your own fortune come true!

By the way, men don’t seem to understand that if you really want to shop, then taking a baby with you is not the relaxing experience he visions. My idea of shopping is leaving Lauren at home with Daddy (now that’s relaxing).

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