Aloha, freedom!

8 03 2007

A few weeks ago my friend Kim told me about a church she’d recently gone to and liked. We’ve tried a few churches but just can’t seem to find one where we feel like we fit in. Our even bigger issue with finding a church though is that we’re too afraid to just leave Ethan in a room full of strangers. Even when its room full of strangers in a church. Even when we’ll be in another part of the same building. Even when they give us a pager in case they need us. So we’re a little over-protective, so what?

Knowing this, Kim offered to stay in the nursery with Ethan (and her own little one). We jumped at the chance to be able to try a church without the stress of what to do with the kid. And of course, everything went smoothly. Kim said as soon as we left the room, he was fine. Except for when Lauren knocked him down (just kidding, Kim!). But other than that, all was good. As I should have known it would be.


414823779_7d40bc0e48_m.jpgWe got some FANTASTIC news a few weeks ago when Jeff got assigned to a trip for work to Oahu, Hawaii, and thanks to Rene’s insistance (“I won’t be your friend anymore if you pass this up,” is pretty much what she said… and I believe her), I purchased my ticket the next day and will be tagging along with him. But, considering the fact that I have a hard time leaving Ethan for an hour in a church, how on earth am I going to leave him to fly thousands of miles away for a whole week???


I will hug him, and kiss him, maybe cry a little, hug him some more, and then I will get on the plane where I will fly to Honolulu. I will then meet up with Jeff and be taken, jetlagged, to our hotel room on Pearl Harbor, which is actually Army lodging (but Army lodging IN HAWAII, with palm trees outside our room, seriously, it can’t be that bad), where I will crawl into bed and sleep UNTIL I FEEL LIKE RISING. I will then put on my bikini and SPFabillion, grab a book and a towel, and head to the nearest beach. Will I stock a diaper bag before I go? Count diapers, grab extra outfits in case those we are wearing become… um, soiled? Fill sippy cups and make PB&J’s and shove extra tissues for tiny runny noses in my pockets? Heck, no!

I’ll miss my baby, yes. Probably more than I can imagine right now. But, dude. I get to sleep. And knit. And just lay around. For an entire week. IN HAWAII. And not once will I have to hold out my hand so someone can spit out his chewed up food. Bye bye, Ethan… I’ll bring you back something good, I promise!

Countdown to Hawaii: T minus 12 days.



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