1 03 2007

404952082_b831487025_m.jpgEven though we got back from our little road trip on Saturday night, I didn’t manage to post here or upload pictures to Flickr until yesterday. Why is that, you ask? Lazy? Well, yeah, but not the reason. Overcome with the incredible work that it was to be a single mother for a whole week? Well, yes, but still not it. No no, you see, here in Fort We-See-a-Snowflake-We-Shut-Down-the-City Belvoir, we woke up Sunday morning to a few inches of snow on the ground and no internet service. While the snow was all gone come Monday afternoon, the internet was still nowhere to be found. Frustrated, we were ready to call up our ISP and cancel our subscription or contract or whatever it is that ties us to them, when we realized that wouldn’t be possible. Luckily for MDU, no other company provides internet service to our area. Luckily for MDU, they currently have a monopoly and thousands of customers at their mercy. I hate you, MDU. Hate. You.


404955116_0614d1edfd_m.jpgInternet-less and heartbroken, Ethan and I took to the yard to frolick in the snow. Ethan discovered that snow tastes better than green beans, and licked his snowball like a lollipop. He also refused to leave it outside, even after I explained that it was a part of nature, and Mother Nature would be sad if we took him from his home, and so he came to live in our sink, where he died a quick and painless death.


Aunt NeNe (pronounced “nay-nay,” as in “Shanaynay”) felt it was neccessary to get Ethan a pet. A pet of fish, to be exact. Big spender that we all know she is, she sprung for the $.28 fish, and got him two. And if DJ hadn’t died in the night two nights ago, I’d be introducing you to two fishes right now. As it is, funeral services were held, presided over by Rene, in our bathroom early Tuesday morning. And now, I give you DJ’s one and only survivor, Kimmy Gibbler:


She’s in good spirits, considering all that she’s been through these past couple of days. Like her namesake, Kimmy is a fiesty little thing.



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