David takes a road trip

18 02 2007

This hilarious poetry over at Purple is A Fruit (same author as All & Sundry) had me in tears; how many times I’ve said to Ethan “Do you think I want to be wiping the poo flecks off of you? Especially those ones that seem to be superglued into these tiny little creases, that won’t come off with just a simple wipe or two or nine, and so I have to rub and scrape until I’m convinced that I’ve removed actual skin? Because I don’t. You should be THANKING ME for my immeasurable love and devotion right now, not trying your hardest to THROW YOURSELF OFF THE CLIFF THAT IS THE CHANGING TABLE!” I can’t count. Its like she hears my thoughts.


david.jpgEver read this book? I love it; it’s cute, its funny, and it has great illustrations. I stupidly thought Ethan would love it, too, and at first he did. Until we got to the last page, which shows David, eyes closed, head on his pillow, going to sleep, his mother’s hand gently placed on the side of his head. I (and my mom, who happened to be the first one to read the book to him) saw a serene, loving picture; Ethan saw death, and bawled his eyes out. We thought maybe he was just overtired, or having flashbacks of the meat sticks I’d tried to feed him earlier. We let it go.

Ever since, not only does he cry when we get to that page, he now cries whenever he sees babies or people sleeping. What the heck? What is it that he is all of a sudden afraid of? I wonder if he has nightmares about babies trying to make him sleep? And why am I trying to understand the logic of the same person who sneakily shoves any batteries he might find down his shirt (1, what is he trying to power? and 2, why does he have to be so sneaky about it?)? I think he knows a thing or two that I don’t.


hoters.jpgA long time ago, back when my other other half and I were young and carefree, footloose and fancy-free, you might even say, we used to do random things on a whim, like deciding one day that we could no longer live with our hair and that the only solution would be to cut 4th block and go get it all chopped off. Or the time we decided we needed tattoos, so we up and got them. And then there’s the many spur of the moment road trips we took, some to Florida, most to Buffalo or Rochester. Many different exotic locations, but all were begun in the middle of the night.

After marrying and having a child, I thought those days of reckless abandon were over. I was wrong. Yesterday we decided it was about time for a random road trip, and today’s the day. I’ll be gone for probably a week or so, who knows. We don’t exactly have a plan. We do, however, have one thing that we didn’t have on all our past road trips: a toddler. Oh, I can tell this is going to be Fun already. If we’re lucky, we may have to go tag team on him and change a poopy blow-out in the backseat while parked at a shady rest stop amidst the snow somewhere along I-79. But only if we’re lucky…



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22 02 2007
RookieMom Heather

We have the David and his 5 senses book — I forget what it’s called exactly… oh yeah, David Smells. My 21-month old loves it because David does all the bad stuff like eating bugs.

To each his own I guess.

23 02 2007

I have “No,David” and the kids at school loved reading it. One boy in particular was especially bonded to David, because he was JUST LIKE HIM! Funny how Ethan is now afraid of sleeping babies…

6 03 2007

I won’t give up on David yet; I like the book, and enjoy the illustrations. Let’s just hope that in the next David book we try, everyone stays awake.

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