Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

15 02 2007

Lately we’ve noticed that Ethan’s begun to make a sort of nest out of the blanket he sleeps with, bunching it up and then falling asleep with his head right in the middle of it. I think that’s his way of telling his moron parents that he’s ready to sleep with a pillow.

They probably sell pillows specifically for kids, I’m sure. I mean, they sell this thing. But because I’m both crafty and cheap, I decided to make one for him. I used some fabric and stuffing that I already had to make the pillow itself, and then found some cute, $2/yd fabric that’s really soft to make pillow case out of. Here’s the result.

And do you think he uses it? Of course not. All six nights (plus naps) we’ve put him to bed with it, we’ve gone in to check on him a while later, and this has always been the scene (except for that one time we went in and found him jumping up and down, pantsless, but that’s another story):


He’s stubborn, that one. (Note the blanket under his head.)


Ah, Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a big fan. This year, however, Jeff surprised me and kicked Cupid’s butt. Not only did he remember the holiday, but he made up some clues that took me on a scavenger hunt throughout the house that eventually led me to my awesome gift.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and seriously, there’s only one thing he could have given me that I would have liked more (a playdate with Brit and her offspring). But since that one won’t be happening anytime soon, I’m more than content with my gift of candy and yarn from my favorite yarn store. Nice yarn, a silk/mohair blend in a couple of different shades of green. And bamboo needles. He said the old ladies at the store told him he got an A+. And everyone knows old ladies are never wrong. Especially ones who knit.


Time for pictures! I call this one Love:


And then there’s this guy:


It’s clear who his valentine is.



One response

16 02 2007
RookieMom Whitney

Love the new blog. And, I think it’s fine for the little dude to see you using the toilet. He’s going to learn to do it sitting down as well, so you are modeling for him. My 26 month old, not ready for toilet training, likes to stand right in front of me while I pee and tell me “mommy, use dat,” referring to the toilet paper. I try not to let him see my private parts, but if he does, oh well. Then when I stand up, he flushes for me and then says “now wash da hands!” I think he’s learning the routine.

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