The great debate

14 02 2007

Cloth diapers or disposables? Let them cry it out, or rock them to sleep? When to give up the bottle? There are a lot of questions/debates that arise as a parent. And now, at least in our household, we’ve added one more to the list (we like a challenge). When is it no longer okay for the little one to see you… um… indisposed?

Sometimes I have to use the bathroom. And since I’m the only one at home with Ethan during the day, he’s almost always there for the show. Jeff has decided that this is highly inappropriate behavior and that I should shut the door and leave Ethan unsupervised for the 2-5ish minutes that I’m otherwise occupied.

Does he not have any idea the kind of damage a 20 month old can do in a single minute? I don’t think I need to point out that he could easily create a huge mess in mere moments, or that he could play one of his new favorite games, which involves climbing up onto the couch just so he can fall off of it, laughing when he lands on his head (that one is scary enough to deal with WHEN I’M IN THE ROOM).

Nevertheless, he thinks it’s wrong that Ethan should (gasp!) see his mother using the toilet, and thinks I should find another solution. I don’t, and don’t plan to change a thing. Short of installing one of these right outside our bathroom (which I’ve sung the praises of before, and strongly believe that they should be required in every bathroom every where; you wouldn’t make a bathroom without a toilet, right? Well, neither should there exist bathrooms without Super Awesome Seats-in-the-Walls), I don’t have any ideas. Not that I gave it that much thought, since I don’t see anything wrong with peeing in front of my less than 2 year old. Am I just weird? What do other parents do in my situation?


On a related note, this morning, as I was sitting on the toilet doing my business, Ethan began to open the cupboard under the sink and very efficiently remove anything he could reach. Shampoo bottles, lotion, sun block, bubble bath, etc. He reached back as far as he could and pulled out a squirt gun, one that I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen before and have no idea how it came to be in the bathroom. While I watched this, it occurred to me that he’s never held a toy gun before. (Not that he’s ever held a real one.) I wondered if he’d know how to hold it and pretend to shoot; if this, like the noise he makes when he holds a toy car or truck, would come to him instinctively, since I know I never taught him to go “vrrooooom!” while moving the car around, and I don’t think Jeff did, either.

Luckily, instead of busting out with some machine gun noises, my toddler remains innocent and instead lifted the squirt gun, rested it on top of his head, and began to “brush” his hair with it. I thought “Hmm… I guess a squirt gun could resemble a hair brush…” Then he pulled the little treasure chest from his pirate ship out of the cupboard, and proceeded to “brush” his hair with that, as well. I guess he just likes to look well-groomed. Nothing wrong with that.


One more thing, not at all related to anything I’ve said: I put on a bathing suit for the first time today since… I don’t even remember when. Before having Ethan, that’s for sure. (We’re taking a Baby & Me Swim class at a local rec center.) And I should say first that even though I may complain about my post pregnancy body to my husband, I am generally very happy with how I look. I escaped stretch marks, and was able to work off the 40 pounds I gained with Ethan, and then some. My one complaint would be my belly which, no matter how hard I try (or don’t try… I actually haven’t really tried at all), has retained a bit of flab that wasn’t there before.

Anyway, I put on my bathing suit (a one piece, from Old Navy, really cute and less than $20!), and then put my clothes on over top of it (it isn’t humanly possible to wrangle a half naked toddler in a locker room while half naked yourself), and then caught a glimpse of my, albeit fake, flat-as-when-I-was-17 stomach. And have thus decided that I’ll never again go out in public without my bathing suit on underneath.

Or I could invest in a girdle. More old lady-ish, yes, but probably more hygienic, too.



3 responses

14 02 2007

wow, i actually remember something that you don’t! you last wore a bathing suit, a bikini i believe, on the 4th or 5th of July. That’s when we visited Nick and Chasity in Kentucky and went swimming everyday because their AC was on the fritz.

14 02 2007
Mom A

I don’t think that Ethan will suffer any permanent damage from the experence. Keep up the good work you’re doing an awesome job!!!

14 02 2007

You made me laugh until I had tears! Yes, I’m with you on the peeing issue. I too, can’t bring myself to hear Lauren scream in her crib or exersacuer for 3 minutes while I pee. So, she explores the bathroom while I hurry as fast as I can. Now she likes to pull herself up next to the toilet and stare at me with those beautiful blue eyes. What’s a mom to do? My little one would find the nearest thing to destroy and go to town if I weren’t watching. So, continue on. How much damage can you cause him? By the way, where could we buy a seat to install onto the wall – Babies ‘R Us is missing out on a great opportunity!

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