12 02 2007

So. First post on the new blog (not counting all those other posts down there that carried over from the old blog- ignore them, they’re useless). Nothing to say, except hi, new blog, nice to meet you! Oh, and that I’m watching the Grammy’s right now, and how jealous am I of the girl that just won the competition and gets to perform with the Justin Timberlake? With him all making eyes at her and feigning attraction to her? Pretty darn jealous. And also this: if I teach my kid one thing, it’ll be “NEVER EVER touch Mommy’s knitting needles. Ever.” Is that so hard to understand? Seriously.



One response

12 02 2007

I am very excited for your new blog. I love reading your writing. I can’t blame you for not blogging, I don’t blog either.

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