Out sick

10 01 2007

Sick. Everyone’s sick. Sore throats, coughs, runny noses. And we keep passing it around. Just when one side of my nose clears up and I start to let myself think there’s a light at the end of this snotty tunnel, ACHOO! It’s baa-aack. I’ve accepted the fact that none of us is ever going to get better, ever. Or at least not for another 12 days.

reading1.jpgIn the meantime, Ethan will continue to read his books, I’ll continue to knit, and Jeff will continue to stare at this, his other pride and joy.

And maybe after seeing Elmo a few times on the big tv, Ethan will get over his fear of the TMX Elmo he got for Christmas. After all, just the head alone of the Elmo on the tv is bigger than Ethan’s entire body, whereas all the TMX Elmo does is laugh his creepy laugh and roll around on the floor in a possessed manner. That’s nothing compared to the Elmo who is so big he could eat Ethan for breakfast (and then hopefully follow him up with a side of Mr. Frickin’ Noodle).



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