3 12 2006

The sweater. The bain of my existence. Now completed and wearable. Ethan test drove it yesterday, and I must say, bravo to me! It came out well, given the headaches it caused me. And I didn’t even have to force my mom to finish it for me; she very kindly translated the instructions on finishing for me from aliengibbercrapish to ENGLISH. Who knew she passed that course in high school?



We held our own little Christmas card “photoshoot” yesterday (boo to Walmart studios- we can do it better, cheaper, and BETTER) and found that, suprisingly, it was a lot more difficult an ordeal than last year. In fact, last year wasn’t an ordeal at all. We shoved Ethan’s rotund, pudgy, baby body into a miniature suit (WITHOUT TEARS on anyone’s part; believe it or not, there was once a time when he didn’t resist clothing), I held him up in the air in front of the tree, and Jeff snapped away. The result:


But this year? No longer rotund or pudgy, I have yet to find a pair of pants that fit him in both the length and the waist. The pants I dressed him in were a size 18 months (he’s 2 weeks shy of that, you’d think they would be at least close to fitting), and its a good thing the pictures were all taken from the waist up, otherwise he’d be flashing the world his Luvs. And that sweater I put so much blood, sweat and tears into? Apparently it offended Ethan somehow, because he kept trying to gouge holes into it in an attempt to remove it from his body.

And that holding him up in the air business? Granted, he’s only about 7 pounds heavier than he was last time, but KID CAN WRIGGLE. I swear he kicked me in the eye. That approach was not gonna cut it this time.

And, sit still? For 2 seconds? Ha. HA. And you can forget even glancing in the general direction of the camera. He wasn’t having any of it. He wanted to be clothing free, he wanted his sippy cup, and he wanted to be LEFT ALONE, darn it. Parents just don’t understand.

Despite the hair-pulling, the crying, the yelling, the kicking, and my idiotic attempts to get Ethan to smile, we did manage to catch a few good ones:





hat.jpgSince I’ve now reentered the world of knitting, I quickly followed up the sweater with a hat for Ethan’s large head, since already made baby hats don’t exist in a size big enough. What he lacks in waist he certainly makes up for in brain. (And can I just mention that I practically stole that winter coat he’s wearing– $10! I am so awesome. Am I not awesome?)



pjs.jpgTomorrow I become a single mom again (but don’t worry about me- Rene has promised to do her best in filling in for Jeff while he’s away, and if she can sit in front of a tv and play video games for hours on end, she shouldn’t have any problems at all), this time for a whole week, as Jeff is off to party it up in Philly (and he better bring me back something good, or else…). So tonight, in an effort to do something different and fun before Jeff leaves me with the Teething Monster of Destruction and Doom, we took a late-night trip to DQ (more accurately, “iry Queen”, as the neon lights read) in our pj’s. Nothin’ like getting your baby hopped up on a blizzard right before putting him to bed, huh?



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