Pick it up, *****!

28 11 2006

thanksgiving.jpgI’m almost a week late on this, but thanks to a great lack of sleep, I don’t care at all. Thanksgiving: it was good. Good food, good family and friends, and no snot in the stuffing (Ethan’s cold cleared up, FINALLY). Ethan didn’t actually eat any of the food (not that I didn’t try- Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C), but who would want to eat peas or sweet potatoes when you’ve got Aunt Rene sneaking you crackers and cake? Seriously?

aquarium.jpgAnd since we’re not into the whole Black Friday thing, we decided to take the metro into DC the next day. We went to the National Aquarium, where we’d expected to spend a couple of hours perusing the undersea wonderland, but instead spent 45 minutes (and that was stretching it) looking at the collection of about 6 overly ambitious fish lovers who got together and put all their fishtanks in the same room. For a kid, it would be fine. But I guess we’d just mistakenly expected more out of something with the word “national” in its name. Although we did find a Mr. Potato Head floating in one of the tanks (one you coincidentally weren’t allowed to take pictures of, actually; I guess octopi are camera shy?), so I can’t really complain.

Next it was back to the metro to head into China Town. We knew we couldn’t leave DC without first going in search of a certain restaurant we’d once eaten at about 13 years ago. China Doll, as my mom, sister and I remember it, made the absolute most delicious chicken we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. We knew we would probably spend way too long searching for the restaurant. We also knew that there was a chance we could find the place, only to order the chicken and then say “Um, I remember it being better than this…” But we were willing to risk all that.

china_doll.jpgAs it turns out, China Doll is right across the street from the metro. We “searched” all of 30 seconds. We almost cried, we could not believe our luck. But as it also turns out, the Doll was closed. It had been for about a month. And then we really did cry. Luckily a kind man walked by and cheered us up, telling us enthusiastically that “Oh my god, it’s Friday!” He was right. It was Friday. We got over it and decided we’d eat at the next restuarant we saw.

The China Garden, while not what we’d come there for, was still good, despite our horrendous waitress. She made up for her attitude, though, when she so generously gave Cristey and I each a cute, authentic looking glass. (By “gave”, I mean she stayed out of our section long enough for Cristey to put them in her purse. So she didn’t actually make up for her attitude; nevermind. She’s still awful.)

And now, even though I’m late, I want to share what I was most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday (you know, other than my awesome family):


The seats attached to the wall in the rest room at Gymboree. Seriously. I’m so looking into having one installed in our bathroom. No need to worry about what Ethan’s getting into! It would allow me to remain seated the entire time I’m peeing! A miracle invention, I tell ya.

*Oh, and that sweater? That one I was so determined to finish before Thanksgiving? The thing I lost so much sleep over? Yeah. I finished it. Late Thanksgiving night. Noon that morning, I was still there on the couch working on it, but I finally admitted defeat when I had to give in and start cooking, or there’d be no mashed potatoes, peas, yams, or rolls. That sweater is now the Christmas Sweater. Because I suck.



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