Things I do when I should be sleeping

21 11 2006

cake.jpgJeff’s birthday was yesterday, and despite telling Rene that I didn’t plan to post a Happy Birthday post in honor of him (neither here nor on Sweetest Things), I’m sort of making a liar of myself by taking this opportunity to say that I hope he had a great day. In addition to the many texts and calls from well-wishers, he received what I believe to be the Most Awesome Gift of all Gifts of all Time.

I once again stole an idea from Rookie Moms wherein you swipe a board book from your baby that you absolutely detest reading (in our case the book was one of a set of 6 that I bought on clearance from Border’s (“Playtime”, “Animals”, “Numbers”, “Food”, “Colors”, and one other, equally as creatively titled, one that I can’t remember), which just goes to show you that things usually reach a dollar in markdown price FOR A REASON) and give it a total makeover.

go_dad_go.jpgHere’s what the book looked like before I got my hands on it. And here’s after. I cut. I pasted. I ruined the itty bitty Jeff, Caley and Ethan heads with smeared ink and had to cut out 6 new ones. But the work was totally worth it because I was so happy with the end product, plus Jeff LOVED it, and really, who wouldn’t? PLUS I never have to read that stupid “Food” book again. Everybody wins!

*If the title has you intrigued and wanting more, check out the whole story here.


The now infamous sweater… what can I say about my new nemesis (other than I have lost major major sleep over it, staying up late into the night and literally knitting with my eyes closed while “Dr. 90210” reruns in the background)?

I thought I could handle it. And I have… just not in a timely manner. I wanted to have it done by Thanksgiving, right? Well. Well, its done. It’s just not done done. It exists in four separate pieces right now, because I cannot for the life of me decipher the instructions on how to correctly fuse all 4 pieces together in such a way as to resemble an actual sweater that Ethan can actually wear.

All I can say is thank goodness my mom arrives Wednesday morning. I plan to put her to work and make her EARN her Thanksgiving dinner. In between bastings, she’ll be found magic-ing a sweater together for her one and only grandson. Or else No Snot Stuffing for you!



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