14 11 2006

Posting on the blog has kind of been put on the back burner the past week or so. Instead, I’ve been keeping busy wiping Ethan’s nonstop runny nose. (And just a warning for the family and friends who’ll be visiting in the coming weeks: say the words “booger” “snot” “stuffy” “blow” “wipe” or “tissue”, and be prepared for Ethan to blow snot rockets into your Thanksgiving diner; he’ll then laugh hysterically at his vast grasp of the English language and comedic genius. But even though you’re eating Snotty Stuffing, you’ll laugh too.)

And when I said ‘nonstop’, I wasn’t exaggerating. I carry a tissue with me at all times. And because Ethan has a tendency to find them and methodically shred them to bits, I’ve taken to keeping them tucked into the waistband of my sweats (I’m a SAHM, what do I need to get dressed for?). Which then, of course, slide down into my pants and get lost, never to be seen again. Until I pull the clothes out of the laundry, all covered in… snow? No… dead bunnies? The massive dandruff flakes of a Really Big Person? Uh uh. Old, forgotten, washed and shredded tissues. Trust me, picking all those little pieces of tissue off a load or two of laundry can keep a person busy for 32 hours.

ethan_walk.jpgThe weather here’s been really nice, in the high 60’s and low 70’s, so we’ve also been doing our best to get out and enjoy it while we still can, which means taking a lot of walks. Walks are a different experience now that Ethan detests sitting in a stroller when he could be out running along the blacktop at full speed, giving his mother small heart attacks. I’m not sure why we keep taking them…

And the other thing that’s been eating up all my time is knitting. Not since my pre-baby days have I been so obsessive. I started simple: a little hat to fit Ethan’s gigundo head. Then I decided I just had to make this sweater for him. And that it had to be done by Thanksgiving, in the hopes that we’d get a good picture of him in on Thanksgiving day, good enough to be used for this year’s Christmas card (not that I’m delusional enough to think we could top last year’s).

sweater_back.jpgSo far all I’ve completed is the back. It didn’t help that I had to take apart and restart what I’d knitted 5 times before I finally got it. I was even so desperate at one point that I took it to the little shop where I’d bought the yarn and asked the old ladies who live there (seriously, there are like 9 of them who live in the back room and never sleep, they embroider and cross stitch all night long) if they could impart some wisdom on me, poor dumb knitting fool that I am. They were more than happy to help, although a brief scuffle broke out when they fought over who got to play with Ethan while the other one got stuck helping me.

But I did finally figure out what I was doing wrong, so I’m glad I stuck with it. The pattern is called Chaos, and for good reason: instead of the normal horizontal cable pattern, these cables are randomly placed, as determined by rolling a die. You roll a 3, you knit 2. You roll a 1, you do the cable this way. How awesome is that? I’ve got it less than half done, and let me tell you, it certainly looks awesome.

What am I doing rambling on still? I only have 8 days worth of naptimes and bedtimes left to finish this thing! Back to the needles!



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27 11 2006

I really like the videos. It reminds me of when I am at a client site really early in the morning.

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