Seamstress and Role Model, just 2 of the 346 hats I wear

2 11 2006

Can we all just take a moment to marvel at my infinite talent?


Ok, so photography isn’t one of said talents. But curtains? I kick curtains’ butts.


Ethan had his first official temper tantrum today. He wanted to pick up the tin I keep his crayons in and dump it on the floor; a reasonable demand, if you compare it to his earlier demand to eat the Desitin. I, awful, evil mommy person who abhors all things fun, said no. Ethan responded with a howl, slammed his fists on the coffee table, and began to “stomp” (21 pounds in little cotton socks makes nary a noise anything close to a stomp… it was more of a mean-spirited prance) around the room with his arms thrown straight up into the air. While still howling.

I continued to color the picture of the snowman I’d been diligently working on when the Incident began. When he was done, I said “Ethan, watch Mommy. Can you do what I’m doing?” and I took a couple of deep breaths. He gave me this look that said “my mother is a nutjob, I’m so embarrassed” and very fiercely shook his head No. ethan_elmo.jpgThen he did his little stomp/prance off to the other side of the room.

I went back to my coloring (when I commit to something, even an Incident can’t break me), and the next thing I know, Ethan is crouched behind the couch, where he thinks I can’t see him. Taking deep breaths. And they were the cutest deep breaths I’ve ever heard.



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