THIS is why we went and had us a kid

30 10 2006

ethan_jeremy.jpgTonight we, along with our neighbors Sam and Cindy and their two boys, took Ethan to the first of 3 trick or treat outings we’ll be going on this year, the Trunk or Treat sponsored by the 12th Aviation Battalion, here on post (“trunk or treat” is the same as “trick or treat” only parking lot style… and yes, it was as shady as it sounds, especially given the fact that it wasn’t so much of a parking lot as it was a dark alley next to an old warehouse…).

WHAT A LETDOWN. Two trunks? Two trunks??? Seriously.

candy.jpgLuckily there wasn’t anyone supervising the trunks and Jeff and Sam were able to snag a considerable amount of candy… candy that was rightfully owed to us, because THERE WERE ONLY TWO TRUNKS. Everybody knows you never leave out a bowl of candy and a sign to “Please take one.”

When we got home, we put Ethan right to bed, divided up the candy and had at it. I’ve already eaten all the Tootsie Rolls.



4 responses

2 11 2006
Kim, via e-mail

Your blogs just crack me up! What a writer you are!

3 11 2006

I should give props where props are due: the 60 cats and that goat in the backyard? Yeah, I stole those from Kim. She’s the true comedienne here. I am merely a copy cat. And a thief. A copy-catting thiefster.

6 11 2006

i LOVE that commercial. i was just saying today to zoe that i am going to buy that detergent. seriously. you hate me. you want to not be blog-buddies with me and my 60 cats.

9 11 2006

you’re kidding, right? you? YOU love that commercial? since when do you like nice, lovey, oohey gooey things? and how is it possible that you can watch that and not want to puke, let alone actually want to buy the detergent???

i don’t hate you. but i am thoroughly disappointed in you. and i want nothing to do with your cats and goat.

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