For sale

27 10 2006

birthday_cake.jpgMy birthday was last month. It wasn’t a big affair (although Rene did make a trip all the way down JUST FOR ME, and for no one else at all); actually quite a few people forgot it altogether (if you’re one of those people, don’t worry- I forgive you. Just be aware that I’ll be expecting hundreds of dollars in cash next year), but Jeff did bake me a lovely a cake and took me out to dinner.

However. A couple of weeks ago I got the credit card statement and found out how much Jeff spent on my birthday gift, 5 massages: $250. Aside from the one I got for free while still in the hospital after having given birth and therefore rightly deserving of MANY free things (massages, bon bons and an endless supply of giant underwear with built-in ice packs being at the top of that list), I’ve never had a massage. So at the time he gave me the gift, I didn’t think anything of the cost.

And yet since then, that and the Elmo’s World song are all that run through my tired head. I mean, that’s a month’s worth of groceries! I feel awful, because I know Jeff only had the best of intentions in giving me this particular gift. And we’re not exactly hurting, missing that 250 dollars. But I just can’t get myself to be okay with the fact that he spent that much money. On me. Just for my birthday.

certificate.jpgMy dilemma: how to get rid of the massages. It would be pointless to just use them; I wouldn’t be able to relax the entire time, I’d just get more worked up as the minutes ticked by- there goes another $1.65! And it says right there on the gift certificate: too bad for you, disgruntled wife- this thing’s non refundable.

Anyone want to buy 5 massages to a lovely massagerie in Alexandria at a reduced price?

(Anyone think Jeff will ever do anything nice for me again after this? Yeah, me neither.)



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