Getting out of the rut, Day 7

25 10 2006

Something overdue

So that last post was technically Day 6 of mine and Ethan’s little challenge, I just for some reason didn’t title it correctly. And there was a Day 7, I just got busy and never got around to posting about it. Till now. 4 days late. I suck. Anyway, here’s what we did:

adams_family_pumpkin_patch.jpgWe, along with “Aunt” Rene and “Uncle” John, headed out to Burke Nursery’s Pumpkin Playground (which I found out about thanks to Kim!) in Burke, VA. For $11 each (under 2 free), we gained admittance to the pumpkin playground of all pumpkin playgrounds. TONS of things to climb/play on, jump in, slide down, etc. And a small petting zoo. And fair food (cotton candy, hot dogs, etc.). And a small mound of dirt that about 20 children were scattered atop, quietly and very determinedly digging away at for such treasures as bendable alien creatures. And a hayride (which kind of freaked Ethan out). And a pumpkin per visitor at the end. Worth the $11, as we spent about an hour there and probably could have stayed longer.

ethan_frog.jpgAs it was, we wanted to try to make it to the Ghost Train Ride at Burke Lake Park, just about 4 miles down the road. It was a close call, but we made it just in time for the last run. Ethan got to wear his costume (which I found on, via a post on Rookiemoms, and bought on sale for just $15!), and so did a couple of other little ones (and some grown-ups, too). Along the way we saw lots of well-known children’s characters acting out some cute, some spooky (some slightly disturbing) scenes, and were given a few pieces of candy by the sleeping pumpkins.

The train ride probably lasted about 15-20 minutes (I was having so much fun I lost track of time), and everyone seemed to have a good time. I did, too, except when the skeleton scared me and I screamed. What a baby. Ethan enjoyed himself (and his candy, afterwards), and got to practice walking in his costume for the big night. Totally worth the 4 bucks.

And then, to top it all off, the absolute best part of the day: Rene and John babysat while Jeff and I got to go out to a movie and dinner. By ourselves. WITHOUT THE MONKEY. We hadn’t been out by ourselves since JULY. That’s just too long. Rene and John are AWESOME and we owe them big time!



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27 10 2006

You deserve the massages. It is part of the paycheck for all the hard work you do as a mom and wife. As Robin McGraw says (yes I bought her book), we need to take care of ourselves and not neglect ourselves for our families. So pamper yourself!

27 10 2006

I agree. You should just go to the one…maybe it won’t be pointless. Maybe it will be so great that you will forget all about the cost after the first 10 minutes…and then you will realize that massages are great and be ok with using the other four.

28 10 2006

Hallie: I think a massage just isn’t what I’d consider as a way to “pamper myself”. “Time alone to knit, eat Humpty Dumpty chips and watch Grey’s Anatomy uninterrupted” is on that list. But “Take off some of my clothes for a stranger who’ll touch me, and try not to imagine what else they’ve touched with those hands…” Yeah, that’s not on my list. But I get what you’re saying.

Meg: You could be right. I could get a guy massager who looks like Tim McGraw and not care what else he’s touched. I’ll give it some more thought.

28 10 2006

all i keep thinking of is this SNL skit i saw the other day where the masseur had no arms below his elbows — yeah, think about that one….

28 10 2006

#1: did i really say “massager”?
#2: the SNL skit reminds of the Friends episode where Ross massages a guy with wooden spoons so he doesn’t have to touch him. that’s all.

28 10 2006

oh, and i did totally drive all that way for YOU. if you’ll remember correctly, i made john celebrate HIS birthday two weeks early, just so that the next time i would be down would fall on YOUR birthdy. 🙂

ho’s over bro’s. (did i really just say that? could be worse than ‘massager’…)

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