Getting out of the rut, Day 5

20 10 2006

Something expensive

gymboree_logo.jpgEvery Friday Ethan goes to Gymboree in the Springfield Mall. Two things:

1. Ethan vomited on the floor in a Kaybee Toy Store.

2. Ethan moved up from Level 3 in Gymboree to Level 4. He went from being the oldest, most advanced baby in the class (and so you don’t think I’m trying to brag, he was only the most advanced because he was so much older than the other kids) to being in a group of about 6 babies who all seemed to be at exactly the same stage as him. It was a very different and welcome change.

gymboree_stamp.jpgLevel 4 is different from level 3 in a few ways, like the fact that the kids don’t push the air log anymore, they simply stand there and pound on it. Which Ethan thought was cool. But the most exciting change was by far the stamps. As we left, out teacher, Miss Joanie, stamped each baby with a little picture of Gymbo on their hands and feet. Ethan promptly licked the stamp on his right hand off. The other ones he was okay with, though. Just not that right hand one.

We’ve been attending Gymboree for about 6 months now, and I’ve never really posted anything about it before because, as you can guess, there isn’t too much exciting drama unfolding in a room full of 16 to 22 month olds (unless you count last week, when a much younger and absolutely adorable little baby crawled over to Ethan and held onto his leg and refused to let go for the rest of the class; her mother’s words: “You would pick the cutest boy in the class!”).

gymboree_tunnel.jpgMy main reason for joining was so that Ethan and I had a reason to get out of the house and for him to get some interaction with other little ones his age. And for that, Gymboree has been great. But great enough to warrant the $200 we pay per session? I’m still trying to decide. And while I’m deciding, I’m also continuing to pay the $77. Plus its in the mall, so of course I always end up at Forever 21 or Target afterwards, buying things we “need”.

Despite my struggle with the cost, Gymboree has been helpful for Ethan’s social development (at least I think so). I don’t want him to get to kindergarten having only ever had a conversation with the same person who wipes his butt.



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