Getting out of the rut, Day 4

19 10 2006

explore_front.jpgSomething fuzzy

I have some warm and fuzzy memories of the children’s museum my mom used to take my brother, sister and I to when we were little in Portland, Maine. So I was really excited to learn that there’s a similar place in Woodbridge, just 10 miles away, called Explore & Moore Children’s Discovery Museum, and that’s where Ethan and I went today.

Unfortunately, the only things warm and fuzzy about this place were the old, grimy, fuzzy toys. The whole building (the carpets especially) had that musty, old smell to it. In addition, we were the only people there, and the daughter of the solitary person working there followed us into every room, rambling in a mixture of Spanish and English that I did not understand. She was probably just excited, and I can understand that, because it didn’t look as if any other customers had visited in several years.

explore_groceries.jpgEthan, however, had the time of his life. He couldn’t get over the fact that in the grocery store room, he was allowed to take every single item off the shelves and put it wherever he wanted, and Mommy didn’t yell once. And so, he did- he took each item down and put it in a new place for a good 20 minutes. He played dress up (he’s secure enough in his manhood to dress up, yes) and was an Army man, he learned to drive, he played doctor, he flew a space ship to the moon, and he was frightened by a severed head in the beauty shop.

He couldn’t have been happier, unless I’d let him do all that while naked. As it is, I had a difficult enough time knowing that just his hands were coming into contact with anything in that place. I’ve never been more thankful for the hand sanitizer I keep on my keys before; Ethan took a Purell bath in the backseat of the car before we left.

*Just now saw this on their website. Words can’t tell you how angry I am that I didn’t know this BEFORE I shelled out the 5 bucks to watch Ethan play with germs.



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