Getting out of the rut, Day 1

16 10 2006

Something experimental

As I mentioned, Ethan and I are trying to do new things all week long. Today Ethan took part in a research project. A representative from the Georgetown Early Learning Project visited us and Ethan participated in a touch screen study looking to find out how well babies are able to transfer their knowledge of a three dimensional object to that of a two dimensional one.

bus.jpgI didn’t think Ethan would have any problems at all with such a simple task. Turns out I was wrong, as usual; Ethan wasn’t able to make the connection between the different objects. The representative told us that would probably happen before we even started; most babies at this age aren’t capable of that kind learning.

I hope we get to participate in another study. It was interesting, although slightly weird to have a stranger walk into our house and set up a video camera. But I learned something. And Ethan got a sticker. And there was no hooking Ethan up to wires and shocking him for not picking the walrus out of the group of rhinos (which is what I secretly feared would happen). But the best part was that we weren’t reading “Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas” for the eleventy-hundredth time. Seriously, after the 80th reading of that book, you kind of start to wish that Elmo would fall off the the pear tree and break his furry neck.

I found out about the study through DC Baby, an awesome resource for parents in the DC/MD/NoVa area. If you live somewhere else, try getting in contact with one of your local universities to see if they’re looking for any baby subjects.



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