Goals and hitting (not of the sports variety)

15 10 2006

Inspired by the Rookie Moms again, I’ve set a goal for myself and Ethan this week: to do something different everyday of the week for one week. We tend to get stuck in a rut, hitting up the same playground or the same park or the same whatever, all the time. And when we do get out, its usually only once or twice a week.

Plus there’s the fact that we’ve lived in Fort Belvoir for about 8 months now, and we still haven’t come anywhere close to exploring all the cool things in the area that I know are just waiting to be found. So hopefully I’ll achieve my goal and find the time to post daily on our adventures. Check back and see!
upside_down.jpgAlso- when did it become cool to hit your mother in the face? Is this just something they do when they reach 15/16 months? Who told Ethan this was okay? I’m at a loss here, because I know for a fact the only people he talks to are Elmo, Arthur and Spiderman, and they certainly don’t hit their mothers in the face. And then laugh about it.

And finally, some random links…

Project Rungay: Hil. Ari. Ous. And so spot-on. AND all about my most favorite show ever. What more could you want?

OneBabyGoodie: A baby item-a-day, offered at a reduced price. From what I’ve seen, each deal is on a high-quality item that’s normally pretty expensive. I have yet to see something at a price low enough for me to go for, but I can feel something good coming any day now.

Styledash: I shouldn’t be posting this one, since anyone else that participates is merely making my chances of winning slimmer and slimmer. But since only like 2 people read this, I’m gonna risk it. It’s a great fashion-related site, but the coolest part is the handbag giveaway. Everyday for the past 23 days, they’ve been giving away a really nice bag, and all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment on the corresponding post. Only 7 more days of the fun though, so get on it!

Cut Out and Keep: I absolutely love this blog. I love the projects archives- a quick stroll through them will give you a hundred crafty ideas. As soon as I get my hands on some little containers I plan to make some of these. And then these. Ooh, and then this! And about a billion other things.

Free Popcorn: I’ve had Dale and Thomas’ gourmet popcorn before, so I couldn’t pass this up. For a limited time, they’re giving away popcorn free… when you pay the shipping and handling charge of $2.95 for one bag, or $5.95 for two bags.



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