I want my baby back, baby back, baby back…

20 09 2006

The other day I was cutting out coupons (no, seriously) when I all of a sudden burst out into tears. Jeff rushed to my side (I mean, eventually he noticed my tears… during a commercial), thinking I must have gotten so excited by all the awesome coupons and the thousands of dollars I was going to save us and lost control of the scissors or something. So excited that I’d cut off a finger.

I wish I’d only cut off a finger. That wouldn’t hurt as bad.

rocket_man.jpgI was crying because I had come to a page of Gerber coupons, and had started to cut the “Save $.50 when you buy 8 jars of Gerber 3rd foods” (what’s a measly fifty cents off of like $10?!?), only to stop mid-cut. It hit me: I don’t need to cut coupons on baby food anymore. I don’t have a baby anymore. I’ll never have to buy baby food again, because Ethan doesn’t eat baby food anymore. He eats real people food. And the intense sadness this caused was too much, and I literally started to bawl.

Seriously. What you see in that picture is a little boy.

I have to go cry in my pillow and throw out my birth control pills now.



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