Making Stuff

4 09 2006

dvd.jpgI saw a post recently on RookieMoms that appealed to both my crafty and my cheap sides: an adorable stuffed dog made out of an old pair of socks. Mine’s nowhere near as stylish as these ones, but Ethan seems to love him anyway (and by “love” I mean he hugs him tight and then throws him to the ground). We’ve named him DVD, since it’s one of the few words that Ethan can actually “say” (only it sounds like “dee dee dee”).

letter_e.jpgAnd while we’re on the subject of crafty and cheap, I had this idea about 5 months ago to make framed and painted wooden letters that spell out ETHAN for his room. We’re in the process of changing from the babyriffic Pooh themed bedroom to a much more sophisticated space theme, and these framed letters were to coordinate with that theme. (And if you want to do any kind of decorating when you live in military housing, you have to find ways to get creative, since painting or wallpapering anything is out, unless you want to undo all the work you did in another 2 years.)

Well, I FINALLY finished them (2 years with Jeff and I’ve learned a thing or two about the art of putting things off), and the total cost was less than 15 bucks. Oh, and the stars glow in the dark, too. Cute, no?

block_bag.jpgAnd finally, after repeatedly watching Ethan rip apart and try to eat the box that his blocks came in, I decided to make a drawstring bag to keep them in. I found some really cute fabric for about $3/yd and it only took about a half hour to whip up. Nothing fancy (although for me, the fact that I lined the inside of the bag does count as fancy), but I have yet to see Ethan try to eat it, so I’d say it gets the job done.



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