Don’t D-d-don’t Don’t Don’t Tell Me

30 08 2006

mommy.jpgIt’s hard to believe that she is 50 (fifty!) years old today! Why, I remember her back when she had Farrah hair (and I was a boy, apparently?)! My how quickly they grow up. Tear.

If you see her, tell her she doesn’t look a day over 34, and compliment her lack of gray in her dye-free hair. 🙂


I talked to my mom earlier today and she filled me in on her birthday plans:

Mom: “First we’re going to a Hookah bar…”

Me: “They get their own bars?”

Mom: “Not hooker, Hookah. And I’m sure we’ll end up at a gay bar at some point… they have the best dancing.”

When did my mother become so much cooler than me???


Happy Birthday, Hunka Munka!



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