Ethan pooped in his bath. But let’s not talk about that.

22 08 2006

Thing #472 I’ve learned since becoming a parent:

Always place the highchair MORE THAN an arm’s length away from the wall. In fact, you might want to just go ahead and place the thing in the very center of your dining room, a little deserted-highchair-island-oasis, if you will; he may have to shout for you to hear him, but at least his green beans and half-chewed… other stuff… won’t reach your pants (that you JUST put on) when he throws them.

Otherwise, if you dare think it might be nice to eat with him near you, all cozy at the dinner table, like a little family or something, you will be cleaning someone’s smushed, smeared carrot masterpiece off of the wall. Be warned.


Now time for some random links:

*Looking for adorable baby/toddler shoes? Yes, there’s Robeez (we’ve gotten TONS of compliments on Ethan’s… strangers will grab his feet in the grocery store they love the Robeez so much). But check out Livie and Luca for some more fun styles.

*In Brit news… well, this isn’t news. Just another reason to laugh at her expense. This, however… well, no- again, not news. But interesting. View a photo of Brit pre-photoshop magic, and post. Although, not at all surprising if you caught that Matt Lauer interview.

blocks.jpg*Ethan received some very cool blocks for his birthday (thanks again, Cire and Nick!). We love them so much we plan to get him some more for Christmas (we’d like to progress to building more complex towers). The blocks came from Kiwiloft, and if you have a little one, I recommend their site for some really unique toys and baby gear. I am loving the Wheelybug; Santa may just bring one of these along with those blocks!


One final note- tonight these words came out of my mouth:
“We do not put meat sticks on our head, young man.”

(Ohmygod, I am really a mother.)

And these words came out of Ethan’s mouth: “dee” which means “ding dong” (really) and “poo poo” which means “what kind of parents teach their kid to say poo poo?”



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