You’re gonna wish you had your 4 minutes back after this one

14 08 2006

cowboy.jpgHere’s a video of Ethan pooping. It’s old, I just randomly came across it today, and there’s really no reason for my linking to it, other than it’s a video of Ethan POOPING and I have the sense of humor of a 6-year-old. Note the beautiful shade of red his big head turns.

Speaking of poop, quick update on my mystery illness (cause I know you’re all just dying to know): it’s still a mystery. After all my little samples and bloodwork, apparently they found out NOTHING, although I can’t be sure of this because the doctor never let me know the results of the tests.

However, I’m assuming that is the case, since a few days ago I recieved a letter in the mail informing me that my doctor had referred me to a gastrodeatherologist. The letter said I have till sometime in November to make the appointment. One thing is for sure: you can bet I will put off making that appointment until sometime in November, or until I die. Most likely I will ‘accidentally’ forget all about it.

In keeping with my theme, Ethan’s been having some gnarly diarrhea lately (I hope you’re not eating right now). I wondered if maybe it was too much dairy in his diet, so I tried switching him to soy milk and cutting back on the yogurt. Nope. I was getting ready to call the doctor sometime this week when this afternoon I went to feed him a snack of freeze-dried corn, or ‘yellow candy teeth’ as I call them. The word ‘candy’ in there makes Ethan think they’re a treat. He LOVES them. Can’t get enough of them. And I eagerly feed them to him, since, HELLO, it’s corn and it’s good for him. He’s been snacking from the same bag for about… 3 weeks now? Maybe a little longer.

Anyway, got the bag out after lunch, opened it up and noticed in little tiny print the words “Use within 5 days of opening.” Oops. How much do I suck? I thought they were like crackers or something, that you could continue to eat them as long as they didn’t taste stale. Nooo, not at all; I’ve been happily feeding him yellow candy POISON for the past couple of weeks. What a loser. Hopefully now we’ll see a decrease in the liquid poo area (at the very least, we will definitely see a decrease in the amount of whole, intact yellow candy teeth mixed in with the rest of the contents in his diaper, and that in itself will be an improvement).

poores.jpgAnd for the grand fece-finale (could I be any more lame?), I introduce to you Pee&Poo. The highlight of the site for me was the Pee&Poo Memory Game (found under Bits & Pieces). It really doesn’t take much to amuse me these days. Endless games of peek-a-boo can do that to a person, I guess.

I seriously did not set out with the intention of posting 7 paragraphs entirely about poop. When did that become the center of my life? Jeff and I finally got out tonight and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with another couple and their adorable baby, and the conversation at one point inevitably turned to poop. We discussed diaper pails, straight-faced. Not even joking. I had no idea when I became a parent that it was such a hot (steaming, in fact) topic.

But it could be worse: I could have just sat here and read 7 paragraphs of poop talk concerning SOMEONE ELSE, like you just did. There, now I feel better about myself.



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