If we wanted our very own Bubble Boy, perhaps

11 08 2006

underneath.jpgSo Ethan has been getting himself stuck in things lately. A few days ago in the grocery store, he got his finger stuck in the cart. Later on that same day, he got his leg wedged underneath the changing table and mewed like a broken cat while I twisted him free.

He got his entire body stuck under his crib, which he LOVES to crawl underneath, simply because he KNOWS how much it freaks his over-protective mother out. And yesterday I had him corralled in the living room for a few minutes while I checked my e-mail. I only looked down for 3 seconds, I swear, and when I looked up he was stuck from his shoulders on up in the rocking chair (you know, in between the arm rest and the seat).

Maybe if he had whiskers, like a cat… maybe that would help? He is well on his way to the same fate as this kid, I’m tellin’ you. But… is it wrong that I laughed a little when I saw his legs flailing while he was stuck in the chair? They DANGLED. It was amusing.

bumper_bonnet.jpgDespite Ethan’s accident-prone…osity? …accident-prone-naciousness? Despite being accident-prone, and the likeliness that I will one day find him stuck in the toilet, AND the fact that I laugh at him while he innocently dangles, there is still no way I’d make him wear the Bumper Bonnet. True, getting stuck in things is more of an issue for us right now than falling and the potential need for a helmet. But I’m sure that things will change in the near future now that he’s begun to walk. My opinion on the oh-so-stylish Bumper Bonnet, however, WILL NOT.

*Does it remind anyone else of that SNL sketch with Mike Myers as the helmetted, leashed-to-playground-equipment, hyperactive kid? Yes? Me, too.



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