No more martinis jumpin’ on the bed

20 06 2006

You know that song about the monkies, where they’re jumping on the bed, but one falls off and cracks his skull, so their mother (where was SHE while her little monkey children were off rough housing?) calls the doctor and he advises “No more monkies jumpin’ on the bed?”

At first when I started singing this to Ethan, he’d just laugh his head off at my deep doctor voice (which I do very accurately- you almost can’t tell it’s me, seriously). Now, he tries to sing along with me, and when we get to the part about the doctor, he mimics me, pointing and shaking his index finger while he “says” the words. I finally recorded him doing this, and here it is for your viewing pleasure. But be warned- the high cuteness content of the clip might cause your monitor to blow up, or start having babies of its own.

larry1.jpgOn a related note, this morning Ethan and I were watching Sesame Street. Larry King was on, interviewing the letter “W” and taking calls from listeners sharing their favorite word that starts with W. One caller declared “why!” to which Larry, whose genius amazes me, replied, “Because we want to know which word is your favorite, that’s why!” As the caller tried to explain, a frustrated Larry pointed into the camera with a vigourously shaking index finger, in an attempt to make the caller understand with harsh words.

At this point I looked up from my morning martini and my copy of “The Truth About Diamonds” and over at Ethan, the smartest one-year-old in the world. He was staring King down, his own little index finger a-shakin’ in the air, telling him in his “no more monkies” voice “You idiot, ‘why’ IS her favorite w-word!” Then he shook his head in dismay and went back to paying bills.



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