So where are your other kids?

25 05 2006

I met a kid who was about 5 years old while talking a walk earlier tonight with Ethan, and our encounter has left me anxious for the day Ethan starts talking. (About as anxious as I would be for a root canal. On the first day of my period. That anxious.) I was walking by what I thought to be a mere shrub; it turns out it was a very elaborate fort. The little boy crawled out of it onto the sidewalk in front of Ethan’s stroller.


[Pointing inside the stroller I’m pushing] “Is that your baby?”
“What’s his name?”
“His name is Ethan.”
“How old is he?”
“He’s one year old.”
[Throwing his hands up at this amazing coincidence] “So is my baby brother! Cool!”
“Yeah, cool.”
“So where’s your… um… your… [giving up on coming up with the word ‘husband’] Are you married?”
“Yep, my husband’s at home.”
“Are you a mom?”
“Yep, I’m Ethan’s mom.”
“So where are your other kids?”
“I don’t have any others. Just Ethan.”
“Just him?”
“Are your other kids at home with your husband?”
“No, I don’t have any other kids.”
[Talking really slowly, because clearly I’m a moron who doesn’t understand anything] “BUT YOU’RE A MOM.”
“Yes, I’m Ethan’s mom. But he’s my only kid.”
“So you don’t have any other kids?”
“Just him?”
[Turns to walk back to his fort, changes his mind and turns back to me.]
“Do you have any bigger ones?”
“Bigger what?”
“Any kids bigger than him.”



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