Like a Real Human

24 05 2006

Before I say anything, let me first make this clear: STILL not crawling. I’m beginning to have nightmares that I am the middle-aged man in that commercial where he carries his wife around on his back. Ethan is the wife. I tried explaining to him that we’d look WEIRD when I carry him down the aisle someday. I also tried explaining to him that whoever that girl at the end of the aisle about to become Mrs. Ethan is is gonna have to be one strong lady.

Kid doesn’t seem to care.

However, scooting on his tummy, much like an inchworm does, seems to suit him fine. So, too, does rolling. He can roll across a room in the same amount of time it takes me to yell “Don’t put that in your mouth!” He’s quite good at rolling. Not so good at the not putting things in his mouth part, though.

His latest achievement: sitting up from a lying down position. For the past 11 months, whenever I’ve gone into his room to get him in the morning or after a nap, he’s been in his crib lying down. Like a baby. So it was really freaky when a couple days ago I began finding him SITTING there, like a real human. He’s become so fond of sitting up, in fact, that he spends the first half hour or so of his nap sitting in his crib, moaning.

Yesterday, after a particularly long moaning session, I told Jeff that I was going to go check on him. What if he was sitting up, and didn’t know that in order to go to sleep he needed to lie down? Jeff said I shouldn’t, he needed to learn how to lie down on his own. It’s hard to listen to your little one cry (moan) and not run to him!

Finally, after he’d been quiet for about 20 or 30 minutes, I turned to Jeff and said “How much do you want to bet he fell asleep sitting up?” We should have bet actual money, or cars, or candy, because I’d be rich (in money, cars or candy) today. This is what we found when we walked into his room:




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