9 05 2006

In honor of the upcoming Most Important Holiday of the Year (the 13th… that’s THIS Sunday, Jeffrey!), take a look at what it’d be like if a mother took over Amazon.com’s customer service.

Dear Customer:

We went ahead and bought you a warmer winter coat for your birthday. We realize it’s not until next month and that you claimed you didn’t really need it, but it was only $69.95, marked down from $125.00, almost a 50 percent savings! Other merchandisers would never be able to offer that. However, for us it was no trouble whatsoever. Don’t even mention it. We’re just glad we can be of help. Not every customer can be so fortunate, and who can say how much longer we’ll have the wherewithal and good health to do such things? Food for thought. Give us a call when you get a chance.

In our hearts each and every day,

P.S. We have your laundry. Please click here for additional terms and conditions.



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