Have I ever mentioned that I hate cats?

26 04 2006

ethananddaddy2.jpgI’ve been driving since I was 15. You’d think I’d know what all the switches and buttons on the dash and around the wheel do by this point. Tonight I was driving back home, Jeff in the backseat trying to entertain a very tired baby (by ‘entertain’ I mean licking cereal puffs and seeing how many he could stick to Ethan’s face).

I was about to turn left and flicked on what I thought was my right turn signal. I actually turned on the wipers. I said “Oops!” and laughed at myself and my stupidity, and Jeff asked what was so funny. I wouldn’t tell him, because I knew he’d make fun of me.

“Did you run over a dog?” he asked.

“Would I be saying “oops” and laughing if I’d just run over a dog?”

“You’re right. Did you run over a cat?”

Ah, he knows me so well!



2 responses

29 04 2006

Why were you trying to put on your right turn signal for a left turn?

29 04 2006

That was just a test, for whoever read this.

You passed, Hallie.

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