Anything you can do… Ethan probably can’t.

18 04 2006

Ethan and Big PI did it. I know everybody says not to. But I did.

Yesterday at Kindermusic, Ethan met another baby for the first time, a baby who is a mere 2 weeks older. Seth is adorable, and has the brightest smile you’ve ever seen. As soon as his mom took him out of his stroller and set him on the floor, Seth took off and made his way straight across the room to where Ethan and I sat on the floor, climbed up my lap and planted a big wet “kiss” on Ethan’s forehead (Seth’s mother, of course, was a step behind him, and apologizing, “I’m so sorry- he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth…”).

Did you notice that I said Seth made his way straight across the room to Ethan and I? That’s right. Seth can crawl. Seth would win a crawling contest, should his mother decide she’d like exploit his skills in a race. I looked at him in amazement and whispered to Ethan to take notes. And then I spent the next 45 minutes comparing my baby to the new baby with super powers.

Seth can bang a drum with a drum stick. Ethan puts the drum stick in his mouth. Sometimes he goes crazy and waves it around a little bit.

Seth is curious, and was very interested in Ethan, trying to get close to him and touch him and smile at him. Ethan cried because Seth was in his space without his permission.

Seth had lots of fun playing all the Kindermusic games. Ethan just stared at everyone, refusing to crack a smile once, and yelled at me when I tried to get him to participate.

Seth crawled all over the place. Ethan leaned too far to one side and fell over.

I love my baby. I think my baby is brilliant. But why can’t he crawl yet? Did his father carry him around too much and inadvertanly teach him that there is no need to crawl when you’ve got clueless parents to do it for you? Is Ethan going to grow up to be a loner (Dottie- a rebel)? I didn’t think it was such a big deal that he hadn’t seen another baby till now. But apparently my confining him to the cave has caused him to fear other children, and lack any kind of social skills whatsoever.

As we were leaving class, Seth’s mom and I exchanged phone numbers with the intention of getting together for a playdate, so that, as she put it, “the babies can stare at each other.” But I could see it in her eyes- what she meant was “so that Ethan can stare at Seth while he plays and learns and has fun and develops himself mentally and physically.”



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