Double Digits

14 04 2006

Ethan in a paperbagYesterday my baby turned 10 months old. 10! He’s in the double digits now and I just can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. Everyone warned me that it would; I remember one time in particular, when I was trying to load groceries into the car and deal with my 2 month old, crying in his car seat which was propped in the grocery cart. A woman walking by stopped and asked if she could take my cart back for me, since sheEthan comes home “remember[ed] what it was like when mine were that little and how hard it was to get anything done!” She went on to advise me not to worry too much about other things, like getting the groceries, or getting the laundry done, etc., but instead to spend every second I could with my little baby, because before I knew it, he wouldn’t be this little anymore.

Of course, as I did whenever anyone told me that, I just kind of brushed her off with a smile and an “Oh, I will.” But I had no Ethan and Mommyidea. No idea that in mere months, I would actually begin to miss the way that he would let loose his baby farts while I held him in my arms. Or that I’d soon forget what it was like to have him fall asleep, warm and slightly sweaty, cradled against me.

I do miss Ethan-my-newborn. But even though he refuses to cuddle with me (what baby doesn’t like to cuddle? He squirms and wiggles when I try to make him- like he’s got something better to do or something), Ethan-my-10-month-old is doing someHacking Baby pretty amazing things. We spent a good portion of the day yesterday working on standing up skills. We also worked on giving kisses, waving ‘bye bye’ and not pulling Mommy’s hair. I despise my hair, but apparently Ethan finds my curls irresistable. It must be my shampoo.

They do grow up fast. Pretty soon he’ll be a year old and I’ll be whining about how much I miss my 10 month old! But there’s a reason for it, as Hallie pointed out to me: they grow up this fast so that we’ll miss the little babies and thus want more. This is very true, as I’m finding out…



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