Refrigerator Love

11 04 2006

My hubby puts up with a lot. For example, I won’t allow him to fold certain pieces of the laundry (towels and anything that’s mine) because he doesn’t do it right. And yesterday, after cleaning the bathroom (in preparation for family that’s coming to visit soon), I instructed him on how best to clean up spit and hairs and the like in the hopes that it remains relatively clean until they get here (“…and if you drip water on the faucet, make sure you take a washcloth or paper towel and wipe it up- we don’t want water spots, now do we?”). Also, if we’re going out in public that day, I can’t let him dress Ethan. If I do, Ethan will undoubtedly end up in this pair of pants that, yes, are cute, but hon, they’re size 3-6 months- they cut him off at the cankle, and everyone knows that’s not a flattering place for a line to cut you. Or he ends up looking like this. It’s never pretty.

And, as everyone does, I have my little quirks that tend to get on his nerves… like the fact that I’ve never turned off a light after leaving a room. Ever. Not to mention the elbows I throw in my sleep (that usually hit him square in the nose), my complete amnesia when it comes to said thrown elbows the next morning, and my constant forgetfullness, mommy-brain or not.

jeff hearts caley

So this morning when I got up to prepare his Highness’ cereal and fruit, I was surpised to see something big and pink on the fridge (I was actually in the kitchen for about 5 minutes before I even noticed it). Given how annoying, naggy, and picky I can be, I wasn’t expecting it. I’m so lucky to have a man like Jeff, who puts up with my craziness and still hearts me, just the same.

Oh, and I heart you, too.



One response

14 04 2006

i just learned that jeff didn’t actually pay for post it notes; he took them from work. that makes his gesture so much sweeter!

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